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Mary Wiktorowicz


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Mary Wiktorowicz

Mary Wiktorowicz is a Professor of Global Health Governance and Policy in the Faculty of Health. She adopts a comparative lens to study global health governance and develops frameworks that enhance our understanding of the global governance models guiding the development of harmonized regulatory standards. As co-Principle Investigator for the CIHR-funded Global One Health Network she leads a research-enabling platform on the global governance of infectious disease that addresses antimicrobial resistance and is a member of the WHO Collaborating Centre on the Global Governance of AMR. As co-Principle Investigator for CIHR-funded research evaluating the governance of pandemic prevention, she focuses on global and state regulatory governance of wildlife trade in the ‘deep prevention’ of such zoonoses as SARS-CoV-2. 

Professor Wiktorowicz's related research assesses global women’s health policy networks, as well as the accountability models underlying global programs of financial aid for maternal and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa and Indigenous Communities in India. 

In her mental health research, she analysed the impact of prevailing institutional logics on the evolution of Canadian health law and policy resulting in the exclusion of community-based mental healthcare from medicare. She also compared the governance of mental healthcare coordination in ten local networks, and emerging models for concurrent disorder care. 

Professor Wiktorowicz has advised governments on public policy, including the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health, Health Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Ontario Local Health Integration Network Collaborative on Mental Health, and advised the Nova Scotia Department of Health as a CIHR Best Brain. 

As Associate Dean, Community and Global (2014 – 2017) she supported the launch of the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, serves as Associate Director (2020-2021) and Director (interim) in 2021-2022. She led the School of Health Policy and Management through a period of growth as chair (2006 – 2014), including development of the PhD in Health Policy and Equity, and fostered development of the Global Health BA and BSc. She chairs the committee developing the PhD in Global Health and is a member of the Graduate Programs in Health (Health Policy and Equity) and Critical Disability Studies.

Graduate supervision 

Dr. Mary Wiktorowicz is currently open to supervising graduate students interested in global health governance particularly those that address antimicrobial resistance, along with areas that focus on global and state governance of infectious disease and women’s health, as well as mental health. She could advise on projects that apply a public policy lens and qualitative methods. Please