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Current Research Opportunities

How to Get Involved

These are the current research opportunities available for participation within the School of Kinesiology and Health Science.

Investigating the effects of increased dairy consumption and its relationship with reduced inflammation and other biomarkers of chronic diseases .

In order to be eligible for participation, participants should have:

-        Lower physical activity/exercise levels 

-        Low habitual dairy consumption (<1 serving/day)

-        a body mass index (BMI) of >25 kg/m2 (in the overweight or obesity range)

-        No lactose intolerance or dairy allergy

Not sure if you’re eligible? Fill out this survey (Drive Survey)!

Participants will be compensated up to $400 for participating.

Participation includes:

  • 30 hours over 16 weeks for the total commitment (2x6 week interventions, and a 1 month 'washout' period in between).
  • Provision of dairy foods (3 servings per day; milk, yogurt and cheese) for one of the 6 week interventions.
  • Screening visit (to assess eligibility) and 2 baseline testing sessions involving one blood draw, vascular ultrasound (to assess blood vessel function) and body composition assessment.
  • Logging of food consumption several times throughout the intervention (using a smartphone app) monitored and guided by a registered dietitian .
  • At the end of each 6 week intervention, there will be one high fat meal challenge (2 high fat meal challenges total). Body composition, vascular ultrasound, and blood samples taken at different timepoints throughout each high fat meal challenge day.
    • *OPTIONAL: 2 Muscle biopsies to be completed on each high fat meal challenge day.

For any questions related to participation please contact us at or 416-736-2100 x33990. Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrea Josse, Student investigator: Joel Prowting. Approved by the York University Office of Research Ethics (ORE) File# 221-177.

  • Participants will be required to visit the lab on 3-4 occasions (totalling a maximum of 12 hours).
  • Exercise will entail endurance exercise involving single leg knee extensions
  • A continuous glucose monitor will be installed on your skin
  • Blood glucose will be measured via finger pricks
  • Muscle stimulation will be performed

For further inquiries or interest, please contact Dr. Arthur Cheng (, School of Kinesiology and Health Science, York University