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Certificates & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Certificate Programs are unique educational opportunities which allow students to integrate theoretical and applied components within a specialized field while completing their degree requirements.


  • Certificate in Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counselling
  • Certificate in Athletic Therapy

Generally, a Certificate may be completed concurrently with an honours degree. A student graduates with an honours degree and a Certificate.

Both certificates require that the student complete core courses in the Kinesiology and Health Science program along with the specific Certificate requirements. All of the specific components of a Certificate must be completed to the satisfaction of the Certificate Program Coordinator and the Undergraduate Director before the Certificate is granted.

The option of taking two Certificates concurrently is an exception and is only allowed with the permission of the Undergraduate Director and the two Certificate Coordinators involved. It should be noted that the Certificates require considerable additional involvement beyond the honours degree, and thus, it is highly unusual for students to be able to make a complete commitment to two Certificates and an undergraduate degree simultaneously.

Competition to be accepted into any of the Certificate Programs is very strong. It is in your best interest to gain as much knowledge as possible about the programs before applying for entrance. This can be done by reading all available material, attending the Foundation's class sessions on the Certificate programs, and talking to students currently enrolled in a Certificate Program.

You can also strengthen your application to a specific Program by gaining experience in related areas. Not all Certificates require experience, but a demonstration of your commitment to the field may add to your application. Coordinators do not arrange placements for program applicants.

In general, 15 students are accepted each into each Certificate Program per year.

A certificate is announced and received at Convocation and the Certificate is noted on the transcript.

For all Certificate programs, application can be made any time after four (4) full courses have been completed. See the specific application deadlines for each certificate.