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Kinesiology and Health Science Program

Kinesiology and Health Science is an Honours program. As such, Kinesiology and Health Science major students are required to maintain Honours standing in order to proceed and to be eligible to graduate in Kinesiology and Health Science.

Kinesiology and Health Science is an Honours only degree program consisting of 120 credits. A cumulative grade point average (cGPA) of a 5.0 (C+) must be achieved and maintained to graduate with a Kinesiology and Health Science Degree. In addition to the 120-credit minimum degree requirement, students must complete eight practicum (PKIN) courses.

Students may select Kinesiology and Health Science as their study major or minor in the first year or subsequent years if they have Honours standing. Honours standing must be maintained to proceed to subsequent years, and to graduate. Students who do not maintain Honours standing are not eligible to continue in the Kinesiology and Health Science Program and must select another major.

Program Continuation Requirement

Students must maintain the honours progression grade point average requirement to continue in the Kinesiology and Health Science program. Students who fail to meet the requirement will be exited from the program. Students with a cumulative grade point average of 4.00 or above may request to switch to an alternate 90-credit Bachelor program to continue their studies, subject to meeting the entry requirements of the program. Students with a cumulative grade point average below 4.00 will be ineligible to continue their studies at the University.

Petitions to improve cumulative grade point average: If there are grounds, a student may submit a petition to the Faculty of Health Petitions Committee requesting to withdraw late from previous courses to improve their grade point average. Students who are granted such petitions may improve their grade point average may be eligible to switch to a Bachelor program.

Honours Standing Progression Requirement

Students who have completed fewer than 84 earned credits, and whose cumulative grade point average is below Honours Standing of 5.00 (C+), may continue in a Honours degree program (BA or BSc) provided they meet the year-level progression requirements as follows:

Year LevelCredits EarnedMinimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA)
One0-23 earned credits4.00 (cGPA)
Two24-53 earned credits4.25 (cGPA)
Three54-83 earned credits4.80 (cGPA)
Four84+ earned credits5.00 (cGPA)

Faculty of Education courses taken by students co-registered in the Faculty of Education are not included in Faculty of Health year levels.

Year Level and Student Progress

A student’s progression toward a degree in the Faculty of Health is measured in terms of the number of credits passed (or earned) rather than years of study completed. The year level includes transfer credit. Year 4 applies to students in an Honours program only.

Year LevelCredits Earned
One0-23 earned credits
Two24-53 earned credits
Three54-83 earned credits
Four84+ earned credits