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Academic and Practicum Course List

Kinesiology and Health Science students can choose from a diverse selection of courses. This section contains a list of all academic and practicum courses. View Course Timetables on the Current Students Web site for offerings, not all courses are offered every academic year.

BSc Students – courses indicated in bold do not count for science credit.

Academic (KINE) Courses

HH/KINE 1000 6.00Sociocultural Perspectives in Kinesiology
HH/KINE 1020 6.00Fitness and Health
HH/KINE 2011 3.00Human Physiology I
HH/KINE 2031 3.00Human Anatomy
HH/KINE 2049 3.00Research Methods in Kinesiology
HH/KINE 2050 3.00Analysis of Data in Kinesiology
HH/KINE 2380 3.00Introduction to Sport Administration
HH/KINE 2475 3.00Coaching: The Art and Science
HH/KINE 2495 3.00Sports Injuries
HH/KINE 2500 3.00AT Field Inquiry-Based Tutorial
HH/KINE 2501 3.00AT Field Seminar & Skills
HH/KINE 2502 3.00AT Extremities Inquiry-Based Tutorial
HH/KINE 2503 3.00AT Extremities Seminar & Skills
HH/KINE 3000 3.00Psychology of Physical Activity and Health
HH/KINE 3012 3.00Human Physiology II
HH/KINE 3020 3.00Skilled Performance and Motor Learning
HH/KINE 3030 3.00Biomechanics of Human Movement
HH/KINE 3100 3.00Health Psychology and Kinesiology
HH/KINE 3150 3.00Analysis of Data in Kinesiology II
HH/KINE 3240 3.00Behavioural Approach to Administration of Fitness and Sport
HH/KINE 3340 3.00Growth, Maturation and Physical Activity
HH/KINE 3345 3.00Adapted Physical Activity
HH/KINE 3350 3.00Physical Activity, Health and Aging
HH/KINE 3360 3.00Gender and Sexuality in Sport and Health
HH/KINE 3400 3.00Fitness Consulting and Personal Fitness Training
HH/KINE 3430 3.00Canadian Culture and Physical Activity
HH/KINE 3440 3.00Olympic Games: Heroes and Villains at Play
HH/KINE 3460 3.00Regional Human Anatomy I
HH/KINE 3465 3.00Regional Human Anatomy II
HH/KINE 3480 3.00Outdoor and Experiential Education
HH/KINE 3490 3.00Politics and Policy in the Sport Industry
HH/KINE 3500 3.00AT Head, Trunk & Spine Inquiry Tutorial
HH/KINE 3501 3.00AT Head Trunk & Spine Seminar & Skills
HH/KINE 3502 3.00AT Quadrant Inquiry-Based Tutorial
HH/KINE 3503 3.00Athletic Therapy Upper & Lower Quadrant
HH/KINE 3510 3.00Sport Marketing and Event Management
HH/KINE 3570 3.00Theory and Methodology of Training
HH/KINE 3575 3.00Athletic Injuries – Extremities
HH/KINE 3580 3.00Coaching: The Strategy and Tactics of Sport
HH/KINE 3610 3.00Coaching: Psychological and Sociological Aspects
HH/KINE 3620 3.00Sociology of Sport I
HH/KINE 3635 3.00Fundamentals of Epidemiology
HH/KINE 3640 3.00Epidemiology of Physical Activity, Fitness and Health
HH/KINE 3645 3.00Physical Activity and Health Promotion
HH/KINE 3650 3.00Functional Neuroanatomy
HH/KINE 3670 3.00Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience with Applications to Health
HH/KINE 3710 3.00Immune System in Health and Disease
HH/KINE 4010 3.00Exercise Physiology
HH/KINE 4020 3.00Human Nutrition
HH/KINE 4060 3.00/6.00Independent Studies in Kinesiology & Health Science
HH/KINE 4100 6.00Honours Thesis
HH/KINE 4120 3.00Nutritional Aids in Sport and Exercise
HH/KINE 4130 3.00Advanced Human Nutrition
HH/KINE 4140 3.00Nutrition and Human Diseases
HH/KINE 4150 3.00Nutrition in the Lifecycle
HH/KINE 4160 3.00Medical Nutrition Therapy: Inborn Errors of Metabolism
HH/KINE 4210 3.00Disorders of Visual Cognition
HH/KINE 4225 3.00 Principles of Neuro-Motor Learning
HH/KINE 4230 3.00 Neuronal Development for Activity and Health
HH/KINE 4240 3.00 Applied Human Factors
HH/KINE 4250 3.00 Physical Activity and Cognition
HH/KINE 4310 3.00International Development and Sport
HH/KINE 4315 3.00Aboriginal Physical Activity and Community Health
HH/KINE 4340 3.00Sport, "Race" and Popular Culture in Canada
HH/KINE 4370 3.00Body as Light: Meditation Practices
HH/KINE 4375 3.00Body as Weapon: Martial Arts/Combat Training
HH/KINE 4400 6.00Advanced Fitness/Lifestyle Assessment and Counselling
HH/KINE 4410 3.00Obesity: Assessment, Treatment and Implications
HH/KINE 4420 3.00Relaxation: Theory and Practice
HH/KINE 4421 3.00Relaxation II: Research and Application
HH/KINE 4430 3.00Business Skills for Sport and Fitness Professionals
HH/KINE 4440 3.00Advanced Exercise Physiology: Muscle
HH/KINE 4442 3.00Advanced Exercise Physiology: Exercising and Surviving in Extreme Environments
HH/KINE 4443 3.00Living and performing at high altitude: The physiology of human adaptation to altitude hypoxia
HH/KINE 4445 3.00Physiological Basis of Fatigue
HH/KINE 4447 3.00Sex Differences in Exercise Physiology
HH/KINE 4448 3.00 Advanced Human Physiology: Endocrinology
HH/KINE 4449 3.00Advanced Human Physiology: The Respiratory System in Health and Disease
HH/KINE 4450 3.00 Advanced Exercise Physiology: Cardiovascular
HH/KINE 4453 3.00 Vascular Function in Health and Disease
HH/KINE 4455 3.00 Movement Analysis Laboratory
HH/KINE 4460 3.00 Occupational Biomechanics
HH/KINE 4470 3.00 Muscle and Joint Biomechanics
HH/KINE 4472 3.00Low Back Performance and Disorders
HH/KINE 4475 3.00Clinical Biomechanics
HH/KINE 4480 3.00Sociology of Sport II
HH/KINE 4485 3.00Social Determinants of Physical Activity and Health in Canada
HH/KINE 4490 3.00Philosophical Issues in Kinesiology and Health Science
HH/KINE 4495 3.00Doctors, Trainers and Drugs: The Socio-Cultural Study of Sports and Medicine
HH/KINE 4500 3.00Neural Control of Movement
HH/KINE 4505 3.00Neurophysiology of Movement in Health and Disease
HH/KINE 4510 3.00Cellular and Molecular Basis of Muscle Physiology
HH/KINE 4515 3.00Stem Cells: Physiology and Therapeutic Applications
HH/KINE 4516 3.00Mitochondria in Health and Disease
HH/KINE 4518 3.00Molecular Link Between Obesity and Cancer
HH/KINE 4520 3.00Sport Psychology Seminar
HH/KINE 4560 3.00Physical Activity and Children: Pedagogy
HH/KINE 4562 3.00Meta-Analysis and Systematic Reviews: Methodology and Interpretation
HH/KINE 4565 3.00Epidemiology of Injury Prevention
HH/KINE 4575 3.00Athletic Injuries - Body Core
HH/KINE 4590 6.00Advanced Athletic Therapy Assessment and Rehabilitation
HH/KINE 4592 6.00Experiential Field Placement in Athletic Therapy
HH/KINE 4592B 4.00Athletic Therapy Field Placement
HH/KINE 4592A 2.00Athletic Therapy Field Placement
HH/KINE 4595 3.00Ethics for Kinesiology and Health
HH/KINE 4620 3.00Counselling Skills for Kinesiology and Health Science
HH/KINE 4635 3.00Immigration and Culture: Implications for Sport, Physical Activity and Health
HH/KINE 4640 3.00Lifestyle and Current Health Issues
HH/KINE 4645 3.00Active Living and Ageing
HH/KINE 4646 3.00Delivering Exercise to the Aging: Knowledge to Action
HH/KINE 4650 3.00Sport, Physical Activity and Youth Development
HH/KINE 4660 3.00Exercise and Addictive Behaviours
HH/KINE 4680 3.00Advanced Social and Psychological Contributors to Exercise Behaviour
HH/KINE 4710 3.00Psychology of Health and Chronic Disease
 HH/KINE 4715 3.00 Experiential and Interprofessional Field Placement in Cardiovascular and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
HH/KINE 4720 3.00Secondary Prevention of Heart Disease: Cardiac Rehabilitation in a Global Context
HH/KINE 4730 3.00Psychology of Pain
HH/KINE 4740 3.00Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation
HH/KINE 4900 3.00Exercise Therapy for Chronic Diseases
HH/KINE 4901 3.00Exercise Therapy for Chronic Diseases: Cardiovascular Diseases

Practicum (PKIN) Courses

HH/PKIN 0200 0.00Swimming I
HH/PKIN 0240 0.00Lifesaving
HH/PKIN 0261 0.00Lifeguarding I
HH/PKIN 0262 0.00Lifeguarding II
HH/PKIN 0265 0.00Competitive Lifesaving
HH/PKIN 0270 0.00Skin Diving
HH/PKIN 0285 0.00Aqua Fitness (Deep Water)
HH/PKIN 0286 0.00Sports Conditioning in an Aquatic Environment
HH/PKIN 0291 0.00Aquatic Instructor I
HH/PKIN 0292 0.00Aquatic Instructor II
HH/PKIN 0294 0.00Aquatic Games
HH/PKIN 0295 0.00Pre-Swim I
HH/PKIN 0301 0.00Co-ed Basketball I
HH/PKIN 0302 0.00Men's Basketball I
HH/PKIN 0303 0.00Women's Basketball I
HH/PKIN 0305 0.00Field Hockey I
HH/PKIN 0306 0.00Field Hockey II
HH/PKIN 0308 0.00Football I
HH/PKIN 0312 0.00Hockey I
HH/PKIN 0328 0.00Soccer I
HH/PKIN 0329 0.00Soccer II: Coaching
HH/PKIN 0330 0.00Futsal (Indoor Soccer)
HH/PKIN 0332 0.00Volleyball I
HH/PKIN 0333 0.00Volleyball II
HH/PKIN 0340 0.00Softball
HH/PKIN 0350 0.00Team Handball I
HH/PKIN 0370 0.00Frisbee Sports
HH/PKIN 0390 0.00Basic Team Sport Skills
HH/PKIN 0392 0.00Games Through the Ages
HH/PKIN 0400 0.00Tai Chi I
HH/PKIN 0401 0.00Tai Chi II
HH/PKIN 0402 0.00Yoga I
HH/PKIN 0403 0.00Pilates: Restorative
HH/PKIN 0404 0.00Aikido Yoshinkan
HH/PKIN 0405 0.00Pilates
HH/PKIN 0406 0.00Kung-Fu
HH/PKIN 0407 0.00Self-Defense
HH/PKIN 0408 0.00Restorative Pilates II
HH/PKIN 0409 0.00Modern Practical Self Defense
HH/PKIN 0415 0.00Court Games
HH/PKIN 0435 0.00Tennis I
HH/PKIN 0436 0.00Tennis II
HH/PKIN 0440 0.00Badminton I
HH/PKIN 0460 0.00Strength Training
HH/PKIN 0465 0.00Olympic Weightlifting
HH/PKIN 0500 0.00Basic Movement
HH/PKIN 0502 0.00Men's Gymnastics I
HH/PKIN 0503 0.00Women's Gymnastics I
HH/PKIN 0512 0.00Men's Gymnastics II
HH/PKIN 0513 0.00Women's Gymnastics II
HH/PKIN 0514 0.00Rhythmic Gymnastics I (Women)
HH/PKIN 0560 0.00Modern Dance I
HH/PKIN 0562 0.00Popular Culture Movie/Video Dance
HH/PKIN 0565 0.00African and Caribbean Dance
HH/PKIN 0570 0.00Ballroom Dance I
HH/PKIN 0575 0.00Ballroom Dance II
HH/PKIN 0585 0.00Country Dance
HH/PKIN 0590 0.00Jazz Dance I
HH/PKIN 0597 0.00Laban Movement Analysis
HH/PKIN 0600 0.00Track and Field I
HH/PKIN 0610 0.00Track and Field II
HH/PKIN 0750 0.00Emergency Care I
HH/PKIN 0751 0.00Advanced First Aid/CPR
HH/PKIN 0761 0.00First Responder for Athletic Therapy I
HH/PKIN 0762 0.00First Responder for Athletic Therapy II
HH/PKIN 0770 0.00First Aid/CPR Instructor
HH/PKIN 0801 0.00Independent Studies
HH/PKIN 0811 0.00Clinical Placement in Athletic Therapy I
HH/PKIN 0812 0.00Clinical Placement in Athletic Therapy II
HH/PKIN 0813 0.00Clinical Placement in Athletic Therapy III
HH/PKIN 0821 0.00Clinical Skills I
HH/PKIN 0822 0.00Clinical Skills II
HH/PKIN 0840 0.00Elementary and Recreational Games
HH/PKIN 0861 0.00Personal Training I
HH/PKIN 0862 0.00Personal Training II