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Outcome Measurement

At the York University Psychology Clinic, we use a tool called OQ ® Outcome Questionnaires to help us monitor treatment and to ensure we are providing the best services we can.

The OQ ® Outcome Questionnaire is completed by clients to indicate their current sense of well-being. It records how often symptoms were experienced during the past week.

The questionnaire will be completed prior to each session after you have had your first session with your therapist and receive a medical record number. We encourage you to complete the questionnaire before coming to the session, but if that isn’t convenient you can complete it in the waiting room (using the clinic’s iPad) or a paper and pencil version. It usually takes around 10 minutes to complete.

When clients complete the OQ ® Outcome Questionnaire, it allows your therapist to easily monitor your progress in therapy, including an increase, a decrease, or a lack of change in symptoms. This helps us to know if treatment is on-track, if it needs to change, or if it is ready to come to an end. It also allows us to quickly become aware of any critical symptoms that may require immediate attention. Your responses are kept confidential and are only viewed by clinical staff in our clinic who are responsible for your care.

While your therapist might not discuss your results on the OQ ® Outcome Questionnaire at every therapy session, please know that your therapist is nonetheless using this information to inform their work with you. Your regular completion of the OQ ® Outcome Questionnaire will help ensure that you experience the best possible outcome in psychotherapy. Please feel free to ask at any time about your results, and your therapist will draw your attention to any important changes that are indicated by your results.

All you need to do is use the ID number given to you by your therapist (this is the medical record number) and remember that in terms of entering your birthdate, it is month/day/year.

Access the OQ measure here.