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Move-Out Information and Procedures

We hope you had a successful and memorable year in residence! As per the 2023-2024 Undergraduate Residence Occupancy Agreement, students are required to move out of residence 24 hours after their final class/exam or on Friday, April 26, 2024, at noon (12:00pm), whichever is earlier. Please read the following information carefully to ensure a smooth move-out.

Move-Out Procedures

Step 1: Prepare for Move-out Inspection

It is important to leave your room and common areas in clean, damage-free, and furnished condition. Housing staff will conduct move-out inspections using the information from the Room Inventory and Condition Report that students completed upon move-in. Charges may be assessed for any cleaning, missing items or damages that were not reported at move-in.

Any personal items left in residence rooms will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. Resident may also be charged removal costs if applicable.

Residents planning to return next year and need storage for their personal items must plan with off-campus storage vendors.

Any applicable cleaning, damage, unreturned/lost keys, and late move-out charges will be assessed on your student account. We encourage you to check for any outstanding balances following the move-out period and to make payments to avoid financial blocks that will prevent future enrolment, return to residence for the following term and/or graduation.

Prepare your room/suite for the move-out inspection by following the items below.

  • Dispose of all garbage and recycling material, including food stored in fridges, freezers and cupboards.
  • Empty garbage and recycling bins in room.
  • Where possible, vacuum/sweep the room/suite.
  • Return all residence furnishing to its original setting.
  • Check all drawers and closets and remove all personal belongings.
  • Remove any posters, artwork and tape/hooks from all surfaces in room/suite including doors.
  • Clean bathrooms (for residents living in suites): tub, showers, toilet, and sinks.
  • Clean the kitchen (for residents living in suites): sink, countertops, stove/cook top and cupboards.
  • Close and lock all windows, as well as the room/suite door.
  • Turn off radiator and lights.
  • Empty mailbox before returning the keys.

Step 2: Forward Your Mail

Once you have moved out, Housing & Conference Services will no longer be taking mail and packages on your behalf. Please empty your mailbox before leaving. Mail for former residents will be held at the York Mailing Service for approximately 2 weeks after the final delivery date before returning them to the sender. Canada Post does not recognize change of address from universities and residence mail cannot be re-directed. Please contact York Mailing Services (416-736-5572) for further information.

Vacating Residents must also:
  • notify correspondents about their change of address. This includes agencies (e.g. for income tax returns, GST cheques, etc.) and York University Departments.
  • change their home/mailing address on student records by contacting the Registrar’s Office.
  • if moving to York Apartments (Assiniboine, Atkinson, Passy), promptly notify senders of their new address. *York Apartments mail is serviced externally by Canada Post and mail from Undergraduate Residence will not be redirected by the York Mailing Service.

Step 3: Check Out and Return Your Keys

Residents must return all keys and key card (issued upon move-in) to their respective Housing Services Office drop box. Please do not deposit loose keys/key cards, place all your keys and key card together in a sealed envelope labeled with your name and room number and deposit into the drop box in your respective Housing Services Office. *Do not leave your keys in your room or rely on your friend/Residence Dons to return them for you. Delays caused by doing so may result to charges as well.

(Atkinson, Founders, Vanier, Tatham, Winters)
Complex 1
108 McLaughlin College

(Bethune, Calumet, Pond, Stong)
Complex 2
101 Bethune College

An improper move-out fee of $100 will be charged for keys or keycards that are not returned on the day of move-out.

Repair ChargesFee
Carpet Stains/Holes$200.00 and up
Paintings/Holes (per wall)$25.00 and up
Mattress$125.00 and up
Sofa$150.00 and up
Chair (each)$130.00 and up
Table (each)$180.00 and up
Disposal of Garbage & Personal Belongings$50.00 and up
Cleaning Charges$ 50. 00 and up
Garbage Disposal Charges$ 50. 00 and up
*Each room/suite will be inspected upon move-out. Damage/cleaning charges (if applicable) are posted on the vacating resident's Student Account.

Move-Out Extension Application

If you have extenuating circumstances and need to stay after your last exam, please fill out the Late Move-Out Request Form by April 10, 2024. Move-out extension requests will not be considered past April 28, 2024. To access the Move-out Request Form, please sign in by omitting the “my.” from your PPY username (e.g. instead of smith123@my.yorku.ca, use smith123@yorku.ca). For more information about signing in to the form, please see the UIT Office 365 page

Please note:
  • If you wish to remain in residence during the summer months, applications for on-campus summer residence are currently being accepted. Please visit the 2024 Summer Residence page for more information.
  • Residents with a history of infractions against residence policies may be denied an extension.
  • Residents that are granted extension permission and violate Community Standards will revoke their rights to stay and will be asked to vacate immediately.

During House Meetings closer to the move-out period, Residence Dons will review important move-out information and perform periodic checks to ensure residents follow their obligations as per their Residence Occupancy Agreement. Residents who fail to move out on time will be asked to leave residence and may be assessed a $100 Improper Move-out Fee. All residence keys will expire on Friday, April 26, 2024 at noon unless the student requested and was approved for an extension. 

Exam Period Policies

Extended quiet hours for exams will begin on April 9, 2024 at 8:00 am. Please be respectful of your fellow residents and continue doing your part in creating an environment that is conducive for study. Contact the Don on Duty if you experience any noise disturbances.

Moving into Summer Residence and York Apartments

Residents moving to Summer Residence or York Apartments will be contacted by Housing & Conference Services about their specific moving date and procedures.

Returning to Undergraduate Residence Next Fall

Residents planning to return for the following Fall/Winter Term should submit their housing applications as early as possible to increase their chances of getting a space. Application for the next term launches early February each year. Visit the Apply for Residence page for more information.

Thank you for making Undergraduate Residence your home for the last Academic Term. Have a fun summer ahead!