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YUFA Collective Bargaining

York University’s approach to collective bargaining with all our bargaining units is informed by five core principles


Open, transparent and honest conduct, knowing that achieving a renewed agreement in a timely manner is in the best interests of our community.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Improving and expanding initiatives that further our principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion across the entire University.

Financial Sustainability

Focusing on the financial wellbeing of our employees and the long-term sustainability of York, taking the current economic climate and fiscal realities into account.


For the bargaining process, the union and its leadership.


To our community.


The 2021-24 Collective Agreement between York University and the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) representing approximately 1,700 full-time faculty, librarians and archivists, and post-doctoral visitors is expiring on April 30, 2024. In anticipation of that date, the University provided YUFA with Notice to Bargain on February 29, 2024. 

The bargaining teams for the University and YUFA met for an initial bargaining meeting on March 12, 2024. Two subsequent meetings were scheduled for the University to present its initial non-monetary proposal package. The first was held on April 2, 2024, during which the University provided its initial non-monetary proposals to YUFA, consisting of 19 proposals and seven housekeeping items.

The next meeting, to take place on April 23, 2024, is anticipated to focus on reviewing the University’s proposal package and providing YUFA with an opportunity to ask questions regarding the University’s proposals.

The University has proposed to YUFA a weekly bargaining schedule with dates and times for May and June 2024. In response, YUFA shared that it is unlikely to complete its process to finalize its proposals prior to the third week of May.

With the conclusion of the recent labour disruption, and as many faculty, staff and students work through the remediation period for the 2023/24 academic year and plan for the upcoming academic year, the University believes that the parties share a mutual interest in concluding. As such, the University will continue to explore bargaining dates with YUFA and looks forward to receiving YUFA’s non-monetary proposals in the near future.