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Bill 124

February 22, 2024: As a follow up on recent correspondence about Bill 124, the University was pleased to put forward offers to union partners to settle the matter of the moderation period and looks forward to receiving responses.

Given the recent court decision which deems Bill 124 legislation unconstitutional, the University notified union partners on February 13, 2024 that it will re-engage wage reopener negotiations.

The University continues to engage with the Unions’ proposals related to Bill 124 wage agreements as they relate to the moderation period. York understands that wages are an important matter for valued employees and would like to achieve negotiated agreements. Please read more in the most recent message, sent on January 30, 2024.

On December 11, 2023, five unions presented a proposal to the University regarding the Bill 124 wage reopener. This proposal was in response to the University’s proposals, which were provided to the bargaining units represented by those unions, between October 27 and November 14, 2023. The University's initial proposals were made even though the agreements between the parties with respect to wage reopeners have either expired or are not yet engaged.

The University’s December 15, 2023 response can be read here.

On August 25, a group of union leaders at York wrote to urge the University to begin wage re-opener discussions with regards to the province’s Bill 124Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, 2019.  In response, on September 15, the University wrote to its union partners to engage in wage re-opener discussions related to the moderation period, even though the wage re-opener clauses between the University and its union partners have either expired or are not yet engaged.

On October 23 the University met with its  unions partners to provide them with a detailed overview of the University’s financial position and made a commitment to provide each union with a wage reopener clause with a proposal on the Bill 124 wage re-opener.

Re-opener proposals, which included two options for settlement, were provided at meetings on:

  • November 3 – CUPE 1356 and 1356-1
  • November 3 – IUOE 772
  • November 3 - YUSA-1
  • November 7 – YUFA
  • November 14 – OHFA,
  • November 14 - CUPE 3903-4,
  • November 21 – OPSEU 578-2

One option for settlement includes both a proposal to address the Bill 124 moderation period and a proposal for a renewal collective agreement. The University believes that this option provides the greatest certainty for both employees and the University. The second option addresses the Bill 124 moderation period only.

In the case of CUPE 3903 Units 1, 2 and 3, because the parties are already engaged in renewal collective bargaining, the University’s proposal, as a matter of course, included a proposal for a renewal agreement, as well as a proposal to address the Bill 124 moderation period.   

The University knows that wages are an important matter for York’s valued employees, and we look forward to continuing talks with our union partners.