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In addition to our synchronous supports, we have supplementary resources designed to assist students in understanding concepts from math and stat-based courses. Browse below for informative YouTube playlists and other online tools that provide helpful clarifications. Learn at a customized pace and enhance your skills in time for your next class.

ALEKS Walkthrough Playlist

York University Assistant Professor Robert McKeown has produced a series of videos to help students with precalculus and calculus work using the online tutoring software, ALEKS. Head over to YouTube for lessons on equations, functions, geometry, exponentials and more.

ALEKS Learning Environment for Precalculus

Over 25 million students from around the world have used ALEKS to apply knowledge from math, stats and accounting courses. Try practicing your skills on the user-friendly online tutoring tool.

JB Statistics

University of Guelph Associate Professor Jeremy Balka's YouTube channel features a collection of introductory statistics videos designed to clarify a wide variety of concepts.

Khan Academy Math

Filled with helpful exercises, instructional videos, and more, Khan Academy is an excellent learning resource that empowers math students worldwide.