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PASS Program

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions, or PASS, are a very effective way to help LA&PS students succeed in challenging courses. In these free study sessions, you’ll work as a team with other students to break down complex ideas, develop smarter (and faster!) study methods, practise problem-solving, develop learning strategies and prepare for exams.

Use the search function below to browse through courses covered by the PASS program this term. You can filter through our sessions by submitting keywords from the title of your course, or by selecting a subject from the "search by subject" dropdown menu. After picking a subject, you can narrow your search by choosing from the "search by course number" options.

Please note: some sessions will take place on Zoom. To join a session, select your course at the appropriate day and time, launch the Zoom application, and enter the listed meeting ID and passcode. From there, your PASS Leader will grant you entry into the meeting. If the meeting is held in person, please visit the assigned room during the scheduled time, no registration is needed. If you have any questions please email

Summer 2024 Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PASS?

PASS stands for "Peer-Assisted Study Sessions" - these are FREE weekly group-learning sessions for difficult courses.

Who are PASS Leaders?

The sessions are run by trained undergraduate students known as PASS Leaders, who have successfully taken the course before and will re-attend lectures. They offer you a comfortable environment to ask questions in. You’ll build confidence, self-esteem and closer connections to other students. Essentially, PASS Leaders help you learn what – and how – to learn, so you can succeed in your course.

Why participate in PASS?

PASS will help you integrate what to learn with how to learn so you can succeed in your course. Sessions are free, and you may attend as often as you like. Some are offered twice weekly to accommodate busy schedules.

How do these sessions work?

Students compare notes, practice problem-solving, develop learning strategies and prepare for exams.

What can you expect?

  • Student-friendly sessions adapted to each term from the current course outline.
  • For some courses, two or more sessions available to you each week.
  • Grade improvements: 86% of PASS attendants surveyed after the term said that attending PASS improved their grade. On average, students that regularly attend PASS sessions (8-10 sessions per 15-week semester) earn 1/2 to a whole letter grade higher than students who do not attend sessions.
  • High satisfaction: 60% of PASS attendants rate the PASS sessions as being "extremely helpful", with another 39% describing the support as being "very helpful."
  • An interactive style of learning.
  • Comfortable small group settings.

Become a PASS Leader!

Share your skills and knowledge with fellow students and help them succeed academically.

As part of this exciting team, PASS leaders conduct weekly group learning sessions for courses that are considered difficult within LA&PS programs. You'll help students collaborate, develop learning strategies and prepare for exams. PASS stands for Peer-Assisted Study Sessions, and you'll be familiar with the course because you'll have already completed it and earned an A or A+.

PASS leader is a paid position, and requires a minimum commitment of five hours per week during fall and winter terms.