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Hire a LA&PS Student

Connect with top student talent through the LA&PS Co-op Program. Hiring a LA&PS student allows companies to build their talent pipeline and benefit from fresh student perspectives.

The incredible breadth and diversity of the Faculty’s academic programming is preparing tomorrow’s top talent with the skills employers are looking for. With more than 90 undergraduate degree and certificate programs offered through LA&PS, we’re sure to find you the right candidate to fit your organization.

At a Glance

Positions may be 4, 8, 12 or 16 months in length.

We accept full-time (35 - 40 hours/week) positions.

Work terms typically begin in September, January or May.

Positions are posted one term in advance of the desired start date.

Diverse Talent

Employer partners are encouraged to explore our student talent across multiple academic disciplines. We are seeking positions for students that are broadly categorized under the following fields: 

Liberal Arts

Our social science and humanities students can offer the type of critical thinking, cross-cultural awareness, flexibility, and communication skills that are essential for success in our rapidly changing workforce. Open your mind and let the liberal arts help shape the future of your business.  


Our accounting students can provide specialized knowledge in income taxation, finance, auditing, and managerial accounting. The program prepares students for the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. 

Business & Public Administration

Offering one of the largest business programs in the country, our Faculty boasts a wide range of business and management streams and an equally diverse pool of student talent to help enhance your business.  

Human Resources Management

Tap into the talent of Canada’s leading School of Human Resources Management and hire a student to support the people and culture side of your business. 


Our information technology students are trained to plan, design, build and administer information systems, and are ready to help you customize and integrate the latest technologies to meet your users’ needs.  

Continuous Recruitment

You can hire students year-round on a full-time basis, for a term that suits your needs, from 4 to 16 months.

(May - August)

Job posting submissions begin as early as 2nd week of January until April. The peak recruitment period (interviews and offers) runs from January to March.

(September - December)

Job posting submissions begin as early as 2nd week of May until August. The peak recruitment period (interviews and offers) runs from May to July.

(January - April)

Job posting submissions begin as early as 2nd week of September until December. The peak recruitment period (interviews and offers) runs from September to November.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Fahimeh Ehsani, Manager, Employer Engagement, at

Email your posting to the LA&PS Co-op team at We will post the jobs for you, and after the deadline, you'll be sent the applications.

Experience York (Orbis), our client management software portal, will automatically send you the applications after the job posting deadline. We also encourage students to apply on your company website, if applicable.

We accept job postings year-round, but our peak hiring times are at the beginning of each academic term in September, January and May. Positions are typically posted one full academic term in advance of the desired start date (e.g., a January posting for a May start date).

We offer a wide range of programs in business, accounting, finance, technology, human resources, communications, the humanities and social sciences. Browse our Departments & Schools.

We are flexible! Co-op work terms can be either 4, 8, 12 or 16 months long.

No, students in the Co-op program must be enrolled in an honours undergraduate program and returning to full-time studies for at least one semester. York’s Career Centre can post full-time permanent positions for new grads – email

Send us the job offer, and we will co-ordinate the process! Please contact the LA&PS Co-op team at

Yes, all Co-op positions must be paid opportunities. Co-op must be full time employment (35 -40 hours/week). All salaries must be at least minimum wage, although many of our positions are paid at rates that are competitive with student or entry-level positions in their respective fields.

Several wage-subsidy programs and incentives are available to support businesses in hiring co-op students , such as the Federal Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) and the Ontario Co-op Tax Credit.

For additional information and support, contact Fahimeh Ehsani, Manager, Employer Engagement, at

Our employers are partners in the student’s learning. As a supervisor, you must:

  • Provide general direction to students on their workflow, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • Complete a first-term virtual check-in with the LA&PS  Co-op team. They are available to support employers and students throughout the work term to ensure success.
  • Complete a co-op supervisor evaluation for the student at the end of each four month work term.

Ready to hire?

Email your posting to the LA&PS Co-op team at We will post the jobs for you, and after the deadline, you'll be sent the applications.


We can facilitate the uploading of your job postings to our client management portal, just send us the details.


When the posting closes we will email you a student application bundle to review & select which candidates get interviews.


After you select the best candidate for the job, send us your job offer and we’ll coordinate any paperwork needed with the student. 

What are Other Employers Saying?

We are very happy to have participated in the LA&PS York Internship program. The program offers a selection of highly proficient candidates which have the skillsets that are required to support our team. Since the program allows the candidate to return for multiple co-op terms, this further provides the intern with additional opportunities for learning and development within our organization. 

Maggie Fong
Justice Technology Services

Group of smiling coworkers walking through the office, discussing about work project

The LA&PS York Internship program has been very easy and great partner to work along with to ensure a great internship program for students. I highly recommend this program for any employer as they provide you support through the entire process.

Niki Tavakkoli
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Multi ethnic team of five smiling businessman and businesswoman discussing ideas together during a casual meeting at the office desk.

The Internship program has allowed us to undertake projects that we would generally not have the resources to undertake, which provides for additional flexibility in the projects we choose to take on. The Interns can provide a fresh perspective that we can learn from as well. Our Interns are engaged in a wide variety of value add tasks and projects. They get exposure to multiple end markets and have access to valuable learning platforms. Interns also learn how to communicate information across various modalities from presentations and spreadsheets to social media. All in all, it's a win-win situation for both Celestica and the Interns. We would recommend the program to other employers.

Andy Winslow

LA&PS Internship Program proved to be an invaluable asset to our organization. The caliber of interns we have welcomed through this program has exceeded our expectations. Our experience with co-ops from this program has been exceptional, contributing significantly to our projects and team dynamics. We highly recommend LA&PS Internship Program for their role in cultivating skilled, adaptable, and forward-thinking professionals.

— Gursharan Arora
FGF Brands

Happy businessman writing a business plan on whiteboard to his team on a meeting in board room.

LA&PS York Internship is an excellent program that provides top students who are well-prepared and ready to to make an impact in any workplace!

Vlora Muslimi
TD Bank Financial Group