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Support & Services

We are proud of the valuable research our committed faculty are undertaking. Our dedicated Research Unit supports LA&PS faculty members who need assistance with identifying appropriate funding or award opportunities, proposal development, and navigating and building research partnerships. We can also assist with the administration of research funds and any other research matters.

Contact Us

Ravi de Costa

Associate Dean
Research & Graduate Studies 
416 736 2100 (x 44569)

David Cuff

Strategic Research & Partnerships 
416 736 2100 (x 33896)

For supports offered by the LA&PS Research Unit – including administrative assistance, budgeting, grant writing, pre-award and post-award services, click here.

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Important Dates

Internal Funding Opportunities

Discover the numerous funding opportunities – including start-up research funds, conference travel grants, support for book publication and scholarly journals, and funds for hiring student trainees – available to faculty both within the LA&PS Research Unit and across the University.

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Research Digest

Keep up to date about important research issues and opportunities in the Research Digest, published by the LA&PS Research Unit. Get the essential details such as upcoming grant application deadlines, and important research policy and procedure updates from the University, and provincial and federal granting councils.

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Knowledge Mobilization

Are you looking for a community partner? Connecting researchers with community and government organizations – to help develop research partnerships and disseminate results – is our main goal. On the Innovation York website, you’ll find a suite of tools that teach strategies for developing and mobilizing knowledge.

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Tell Your Research Story

Do you have a research story for YFile or to share with the LA&PS community? Request the help of our communications team to write or proofread something for publication. Use the communications request form for immediate support.

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Research Commons

Enter the gateway to research excellence at York. The Research Commons website offers targeted workshops, and one-on-one grantsmanship and mentorship for research stream faculty of all levels and disciplines. You’ll find research support and success by taking advantage of all the resources the University has to offer.

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Research Ethics

Does your research need ethics approval? The Office of Research Ethics supports students and faculty undertaking research involving humans, animals or biological agents. You’ll get the resources and expertise necessary to complete the ethics review process, as well as relevant workshops and seminars.

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