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Knowledge Mobilization

Knowledge Mobilization (KM) is an umbrella term encompassing a wide range of activities relating to the production and use of research results, including knowledge synthesis, dissemination, transfer, exchange, and co-creation or co-production by researchers and knowledge users (SSHRC).

The Knowledge Mobilization Specialist (KMS) at the LA&PS Research Office can offer targeted feedback for grant applications, assist with developing knowledge mobilization plans and help identify internal and external resources to amplify research impact.

On this page:

When to connect with the Knowledge Mobilization Specialist

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Before you submit a grant application

Support with developing KM plans for grant applications through feedback, tip sheets, templates and best practices.

After you receive an award

Support with creating and maintaining project progress reports and initiating KM plans post-award.

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One-on-one advice on KM plans and best practices, and recommendations on other York resources that support your KM activities.

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Raising your research profile

Assistance with developing research profiles and impact stories. The KMS can connect you with LA&PS communications and identify platforms to promote your research.

Training and

Building, facilitating and co-creating research design and grant support webinars, resources, templates and KM working groups available to faculty, researchers and students.

Knowledge Mobilization Templates & Resources

  • KMb Planning Template: a step-by-step modifiable PDF that includes key components of knowledge mobilization (KMb) planning for multiple audiences.
  • Use tools like Power BI, (FREE with your York account) for easier data analysis and interactive visualization.
  • Create posters and infographics using tools such as Canva or PowerPoint.
  • Make sure to comply with Copyright or use creative commons/Free stocks tools such as Pexel and Unsplash.

On-Campus Technical Services & Supports

The eServices Office (eSO) is the LA&PS Computing, Information and Learning Technology service-oriented department responsible for the support and promotion of e-Learning; Continued encouragement and maintenance of innovative research and teaching; Provision of technical and administrative support. Contact eSO at for support related to:

The Digital Scholarship Centre at York University Libraries brings together public-facing library and archival expertise in the areas of scholarly publishing, metadata, digitization, digital collections, digital scholarship, research metrics, data management, data curation, preservation, digital cultures and pedagogy, eLearning, and Open Educational Resources. Connect with the Digital Scholarship Centre at to be referred to the appropriate librarian or archivist. Some areas of expertise include:

  • Scholarly publishing and open access support;
  • Digital infrastructure and research repositories;
  • Digital scholarship and digital humanities;
  • Consultations regarding research design, tool evaluation, information management, digital pedagogy, curriculum integration, and research documentation;
  • Research data management (RMD);
  • Research metrics and analytics; and
  • Data visualization

York Media Relations: York University's Media Relations and External Communications team handles the flow of information about York to members of the media and tweet from @Yorkunews.

The unit members support all faculties and central divisions and write media releases, news advisories and pitches about York news, research, events, and announcements, distributing information directly to television, radio, print and online reporters and editors. They also respond to all incoming media requests for information about the University and match York’s researchers and academics with journalists looking for expert commentary. Contact the Media Relations and External Communications team directly, or by emailing for questions about:

The communications team in LA&PS works closely with faculty, staff and students to support initiatives across the Faculty, encourage community, build pride and share important information.

You can request support (bottom of page) with planning and strategic communications advice, such as:

  • Support with an integrated communications strategy
  • Content creation or editing services,
  • Graphic design and videos
  • Social media promotions
  • And promotional support in the form of writing, editing, creative and photography services.

Alternatively, you can browse resources developed by the team (e.g. branding, website editing, Social media best practices, and more) to help you with your communications needs.

Learn More

If you have any questions about additional resources or in-kind support or would like to book a KM consultation, contact Talveen Saini, LA&PS Knowledge Mobilization Specialist at