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Our Values

Home to a rich diversity of people and programs in the social sciences, humanities, and professional fields, LA&PS is strongly committed to:

  • student-centered accessible education
  • preparation for professional careers
  • excellence in research and teaching
  • innovative academic programs
  • experiential learning
  • community engagement
  • internationalization
  • accountable governance

Through its endeavours, LA&PS strives to promote social justice, the recognition and valuing of diversity, and a sustainable environment. These values are not just legacies of our past, but the foundation for our future.


Guided by its values, the mission of LA&PS is to strive for:

Academic Excellence

Through high quality programs and innovative teaching grounded in our commitment to student success, community engagement, social justice, and global connections, as well as sustainability and stewardship for future generations.

Leadership in Research

Through encouraging intellectual curiosity and investigator-driven research, promoting community engaged and industry-partnered scholarship, and supporting knowledge mobilization and dissemination.

Education of the Whole Student

By fostering an academic culture that supports students’ social and cultural learning and personal growth with academic programs, experiential education, and co-curricular activities that prepare students to be engaged citizens who are effective in their future careers.

Access and Inclusion

By promoting principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our academic endeavours, maintaining effective support services, and reducing barriers to access and academic success for all students.

Where We Stand

Land Acknowledgement

York University recognizes the unique and enduring relationship many Indigenous Nations have with the territories upon which its campuses are located that precede the establishment of the University.

Addressing Anti-Black Racism

Discover the strategies LA&PS is employing to address and combat anti-Black racism within York and the community, including working to establish a permanent committee on equity, diversity and inclusion.