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Degree Planning

With over 125 LA&PS degrees and certificate programs to choose from – never mind the double-major and major-minor options – planning your studies can be complex. To support you in achieving your academic, career and personal goals, we have a network of online tools, and advising and mentorship resources that will ensure you’re on the right track.

GPA Calculator

Calculate your grade point average (GPA) with our handy web-based tool.

What Can I Do with My Degree?

The field you study at university can take you in more directions than you may know after graduation – discover your options.

Degree Checklists

Ensure you’re on the right track and select the courses you need with our annually updated degree checklists.

Course Outlines

Here you’ll find outlines for many courses offered in LA&PS, complete with dates, times and locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out whether you’re taking the right courses for your degree, learn how to choose a major or change programs, get the details on grades and more.

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Degree Pathways

Our Degree Pathways provide a clear roadmap for every year of your Undergraduate journey.

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My Online Services

Use these self-serve online tools to get the info you need about your grades, course progress, changing programs, ordering transcripts and more.