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The LA&PS Peer Mentor Network

Our Peer Mentor Network includes three specialized Peer Mentorship programs that are customized to support the needs of various groups of students. Our network includes the LA&PS Colleges Peer Mentor Program, International Peer Mentors and YU Explore.

Become a Peer Mentor Volunteer!

Help incoming students achieve their personal and academic goals by becoming a Peer Mentor. As a Peer Mentor, you will not only help others but also have opportunities to connect with your peers and learn valuable organizational, interpersonal and leadership skills. 

female staff member helps male student with a problem on his laptop.

LA&PS Colleges Peer Mentors

This is our largest Peer Mentor program which lives within the LA&PS Colleges. Peer Mentors support all domestic first-year LA&PS students by providing peer support in the format of one-on-one consultations, drop-in office hours, online forums or group chats and a combination of student-led workshops and events. Students can expect to be contacted by their Peer Mentor close to the start of classes.

female staff member helps female student with a problem on his laptop.

LA&PS International Peer Mentors

The LA&PS International Student Peer Mentorship Program connects new international students with upper-year international students to help with the transition to York University. 

The program is designed to provide new international students with support, engagement, community, and a welcoming space to connect with others. In September, LA&PS international students will be matched with upper-year Peer Mentors who have already gone through their first-year on campus. 

group of students studying together

YU Explore Peer Mentors

The YU Explore program is a network of support provided to Undeclared Major (UNMA) students that fosters the academic and personal growth necessary for future success across all programs. Through peer-to-peer mentorship, consultation services with Academic Advising and informative workshops, you will gain the necessary skills and insight to make an informed decision about what major best suits your strengths and passions.