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International Peer Mentorship Program

Are you a new international student at Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies? If you have questions about your new life as a university student or need help getting support and finding resources, then the peer mentorship program at LA&PS International is for you!

The program helps new students like you, connect with an upper-year mentor and help you navigate your transition into university and life in Toronto. You will be able to meet a diverse community of experienced students and get some useful tips and tricks that will help you access the resources at York and LA&PS to the fullest!

How it works

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You will get invitations to social, professional, and academic-related events and workshops.

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At any time, you can speak to your peer mentor about anything York!

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We will also be sharing information about available services and supports on campus.

Meet Your Peer Mentors for 2023/2024

Garima Sareen profile photo

Garima Sareen
Fun Fact: I graduated in Indian classical dance form namely kathak.

Ho Ming Xiao profile photo

Ho Ming Xiao
Fun Fact: I speak 5 languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, and some French.

Serah Lee profile photo

Serah Lee
Fun Fact: I lived in Mexico for a year, and I speak a little bit Spanish.

Toluwalase Oluyemi profile photo

Toluwalase Oluyemi
Fun Fact: I change my hair often.

Ama Osei-Akoto profile photo

Ama Osei-Akoto
Fun Fact: While I absolutely love chocolate and can never resist a brownie, I dislike chocolate flavored staples such as chocolate cake.

Dat Dao profile photo

Dat Dao
Fun Fact: I used to be a chef.

Muskaan Sannan profile photo

Muskaan Sannan
Fun Fact: I have watched the movie The Notebook about 10 times now and it will never get old for me.

Khushi Khana profile photo

Khushi Khana
Fun Fact: I could make the most humorous yet lame jokes at the same time.

Manasha Shrestha profile photo

Manasha Shrestha
Fun Fact: I've been to over 5 countries but my favorite city is Bangkok, where I lived for 2 years.