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Addressing Anti-Black Racism

Addressing anti-Black racism demands an unlearning and dismantling of systems and ideologies that uphold white supremacy. While we understand that many members of our community experience diverse forms of racism and discrimination, we also believe that it is important to centre anti-Blackness as the register for white supremacy and that combatting anti-Black racism is a powerful step towards anti-racism and justice for all. We do not accept the status quo and we are working with you towards creating a future for our Faculty where commitment to equity and diversity are the locus of our strength.


Anti-Black Racism Initiatives Fund

We've introduced a new $100,000 anti-Black Racism Initiatives Fund open to LA&PS students, faculty and staff.

LA&PS Black Scholar Research Fund

Our new LA&PS Black Scholar Research Fund (BSRF) disburses $50,000 of research funding for Black contract faculty and Black YUFA members in a CLA, assistant or associate position.

Upcoming Events

Programs & Resources

african drummers in traditional clothes

African Studies

Grow intellectually as you gain personal and political insight on topics such as African history, the well-being of African people, and the continent’s role in global affairs.

three young black students in conversation

Black Canadian Studies

Learn and examine histories of Black Canada. Discover people of African descent in the Americas through cultural studies, history, literature and music.

Black female student studying from home during lockdown

Event Recordings

Catch up on the latest teach-ins and workshops involving members of the LA&PS Advisory Committee and other renowned panelists.

An African American teacher helps her student before class

Glossary of Terms

Learn the definitions of terms and phrases often used in Black Studies and in anti-racist scholarship to support your research and teaching.

Black woman at bookstore holding books in her hands before making a purchase

Recommended Readings & Films

Browse through our extensive archive of scholarly publications and fictional texts in Black and African Studies. In this database, you will find works from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, including history, sociology, literary criticism and more.

Undergraduate Black Student Lounge ribbon cutting

Past Events

Explore the impactful events we previously organized, aimed at creating spaces for meaningful conversations and fostering community building.

Our Strategies

Other Initiatives

  • Facilitate discussions and action on anti-Black racism and community engagement and action for staff, students, and faculty
  • Work with collegial committees on anti-Black racism curriculum in light of student petitions through CCPS including looking at learning outcomes
  • Work with Faculty Council to strike a permanent committee on equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Establish a confidential communication point for staff, students, and faculty to share their experiences and suggestions
  • Establish a website collecting resources on anti-Black racism
  • Institute unconscious bias training for all members of any hiring committee in the Dean’s Office
  • Develop equity targets for the hiring of CPM positions

  • Develop mentoring and career advancement pathways for Black staff colleagues
  • Expand the Explore YU summer program for grade 10 and 11 students to ensure up to 50 fully subsidized spaces for Black youth participants
  • Establish five new DARE Awards targeted for Black undergraduate student researchers
  • Establish five to ten internships focused on equity and social justice
  • Establish $50,000 research fund for Black CUPE colleagues and Black YUFA colleagues at the CLA, Assistant, or Associate rank
  • Establish $100,000 community engagement fund for anti-Black racism initiatives proposed by staff, students, or faculty