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LA&PS Co-op Program

Test-drive a career and get hands-on experience in your chosen field! The LA&PS Co-op Program offers paid, short-term employment for up to 20 months. As a Co-op student, you will complete two work terms, rotating between study and work terms. Regardless of the academic program you are pursuing, co-ops provide an opportunity to gain valuable paid work experience and explore different career paths!

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Currently on Summer Internship?

Check out important dates and learn more about how the new Co-op Program will impact you.

About the Program

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Who is eligible?

The LA&PS Co-op Program is open to all full-time undergraduate students enrolled in an Honours undergraduate degree who meet the eligibility requirements.

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Where do I register?

To enrol in the LA&PS Co-op Program, students must first register and attend an Information Session through the Experience York portal. Co-op Information Sessions run the first two months of every academic term.

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Important Dates - Fall 2024

  • Applications Open: May 6, 2024
  • Applications Close: July 8, 2024
  • Job Board Opens: May 3, 2024

View upcoming dates and register for:

How to Participate

Step 1:
Review the eligibility requirements.

Step 2:
Register for an
information session.

Step 3:
Submit an
application form.

Step 4:
Complete an online resume & cover letter module.

Step 5:
Search the job posting board and apply for co-op positions.


Read through our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more or get in touch via email at!

Currently enrolled in an internship?

Important Dates - Summer 2024

  • Orientation Session: April 25
  • Smart Goals Due: May 21
  • Drop-in Sessions: May 30 & July 30
  • Check-in Calls: June 17-July 26
  • Supervisor Evaluations Due: August 13
  • Work Term Reflections Due: August 13
  • Final Term Check-in: August 20
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Where have other students worked?

This experience contributed to my overall education by not only enhancing my knowledge in the field of Human Resources, but it will also help me in the future HR courses that I plan to take, since I can now see how certain theories and models relate to real life situations.

Taraneh Shafiei
Honours BA in Human Resources Management

My verbal communication skills have improved through speaking in front of different people over zoom meetings, as well as networking and working independently as I worked remotely for much of the summer.

Emily Lim
Honours BA, Urban Studies

The internship was an amazing experience. For me it was enlightening to see how I could use the business skills I was studying in class and use finance knowledge to advance an organization's mission and impact the community positively at the same time. The eye-opening journey I had made me discover how the traditional business knowledge is changing and moving towards a new cadre of responsible business leaders passionate about positive community ideas such as sustainability and corporate ethics and strengthened my resolve in pursuing further education.

Muhammad Shahmir Masood
Honours BCom in Management

My advice to students who are considering completing an internship at York is to set goals for the outcome you would like to see from completing an internship. Seek opportunities that peak your interests and correlate with your values. Remain open-minded and willing to learn throughout the process. Completing an internship will enhance the quality of your education and give you a better understanding of your career goals.

— Kernessa Brereton
Honours BA, Professional Writing

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I learned a ton about what a real professional job is like, and a bit about myself and how I work, and what I need to change to be better.

Adam Ahrens
Honours BA, Creative Writing

Looking to connect with top student talent?

Consider the LA&PS Co-op Program. With over 90 undergrad programs, we can help you find the perfect fit for your company.

About Our Team

We are a community of staff, faculty, and industry partners working in collaboration to provide co-operative education as a pathway to meaningful employment for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. By embracing access, equity, diversity, and inclusion, we are committed to providing the supports and partnerships needed to foster career confidence and prepare LA&PS students for professional success. 

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