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Infuse Program

The Infuse Program enables employers to offer immersive tech co-ops while providing funding and resources that can support these opportunities. This unique program allows employers to hire students enrolled in Liberal Arts programs for tech and tech-adjacent positions.

Ready to be a trailblazer?

Students will have completed TECHNATION’s LaunchPad modules aligned to the roles they are offered, equipping them with the most in-demand tech industry skills.

Career-coached students prepared to thrive in workplace settings.

Provide a career pathway for under-represented students in tech, advancing your company’s Social Responsibility goals.

Recruitment support from York University.

Program Outcomes

Students from academic programs such as Social sciences, Humanities, Languages, Communications, History, Politics and Gender studies will learn to:

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Anticipate human
needs and identify societal challenges

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Contribute toward a dynamic range of innovation and business development initiatives

New-P4-Goal3 Infographic

Work with multi-disciplinary teams

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Enhance team skills well-roundedness

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Adapt quickly to tech-immersive environments

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Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Team 

According to research conducted by the University of British Columbia, 70% of students enrolled in arts programs self-identify as members of one or more equity-deserving groups.

Through the Infuse Program, employers can connect with a pool of talented candidates from different educational and cultural backgrounds and benefit from the skills and perspectives they bring to the table. This helps organizations across Canada create a more inclusive and diverse tech workforce.

Three University students are seen sitting together in class as they work together on an assignment.

Get Involved

Hiring liberal arts students into tech and tech-adjacent positions allows companies to leverage the skills and perspectives of a diverse workforce while bridging the skills gap in the tech industry. Find out how your organization can benefit from infusing arts talent into your tech workforce by visiting the Infuse Program website.

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How to Participate?

To participate in the program, or for questions, you can reach out to:

Infuse Program Webinar

We have hired several Arts students over the years as many brought with them knowledge and experience in UX/UI besides other workspace transferrable skills. The Arts students hired at Remitbee were quick learners and were able to excel and shine from day one. I am confident of their contribution and bright future in the tech space.

— Pratheepan Yoganathan
Director, Remitbee 



The LA&PS Co-op Program offers paid, short-term employment for up to 20 months.