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ADMS 3595

ADMS 3595

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ADMS 3595

Intermediate Financial Accounting II

PASS Session Information

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When: Thursday 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Where: Founders College 034
PASS Leader: Sukhbir Sodhi

If the session is offered over Zoom, before attempting to meet on Zoom, make sure that you're joining the call at the appropriate day and time!

Hi everyone ! I’m Sukhbir, an international transfer student in B.Com. I know some courses can be difficult, so I’m here to help you learn. I have always enjoyed learning and helping others learn as well. If u take that part away from me, all that will remain will be a movie nerd.

Sukhbir Sodhi, Pass Leader

Sukhbir Sodhi profile photo