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Faculty Research Award

MHRC Faculty Collaborative Research Grant Award
(updated August 2023)

Please download the Information and Application word document which contains all the relevant information to submit an application.

View previous recipients of this award.


This MHRC grant is available to assist faculty in developing collaborative research projects.


All full-time active MHRC faculty members who currently supervise graduate students may apply.


Applicants may request a maximum of up to $5000. In 2023, one such award will be given.


Monday, October 2, 2023 at 4:00 pm.


For more information, please contact Dr. Christopher Perry, MHRC Director at

Previous Recipients of the MHRC Faculty Research Award:

YearRecipientSummary of Research


Dr. Ola Adegoke & Dr. Tara Haas

Dr. Andrea Josse & Dr. Ali Abdul- Sater

Dr. Anthony Scime & Dr. Tara Haas

Dr. Ola Adegoke

Skeletal Muscle- Endothelial cell interactions in Cachexia

The influence of dairy consumption on systemic and leukocyte inflammation
following high-intensity exercise – A Pilot Study

Muscle stem cell fates in a mouse model of peripheral artery disease

Amino acids are critical components of our diet, in that they are needed to make the different proteins that perform crucial functions in our bodies. Under some circumstances however, they have been implicated in insulin resistance. In this proposal, Dr. Adegoke will use funds provided by MHRC to examine the link between amino acids and insulin action in skeletal muscle.


Dr. Mazen Hamadeh

Lou Gehrig’s disease is a neuromuscular disease that causes weakness and paralysis of muscle. Dr. Hamadeh is investigating the mechanisms that contribute to muscle dysfunction in this disease model. The award will be used to understand the role of vitamin D in mitigating the severity of the disease by manipulating vitamin D exposure at different levels from deficiency to adequacy to supraphysiological doses.


Dr. Michael Connor

No Information