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MHRC Graduate Student Fellowship

The MHRC Graduate Student Fellowship has now expanded its availability to both MSc and PhD students who qualify.

Eligible students include:

  1. entering second year MSc students, and
  2. entering second year PhD students.

Both MSc and PhD students should show outstanding research promise, and should not have another external source of funding (i.e. OGS, Tri-council, or other major funding agency, like HSF).

Application Process

Applications must include:

  • Letter of nomination (reference) from the Supervisor, including verification that no other external Scholarship funding is available to the student for the 2nd year of study,
  • 1 page double spaced abstract of research done and/or to be undertaken, written solely by the student (unedited by the supervisor), and
  • CV of the student.

The MHRC Awards Committee will review the application. Please submit your application electronically to the MHRC Director The letter from the supervisor should be sent separately to the same address.

The student will be selected based on the strength of the information provided above. Strong consideration will be given to the apparent future research potential of the student. The MHRC Executive Committee, via the Director, will communicate the results to the student, and will copy Student Financial Services.

Application Deadline for all materials, including the Supervisor letter of reference: Monday, Aug. 28, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Award Value

$1000, applied to student fees. Two awards will be given to MSc students, and two awards will be given to PhD students.

MHRC Graduate Student Fellowship Winners

Luke Flewwelling

Supervisor: Dr. Arthur Cheng

Aris Kheirandish

Supervisor: Dr. Rolando Ceddia

Manvir Nahal

Supervisor: Dr. Tara Haas

Andrew Richards

Supervisor: Dr. Arthur Cheng

Madison Garibotti

Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Perry

Emily Fraschetti

Supervisor: Dr. Andrea Josse

Christian Martone

Supervisor: Dr. Tara Haas

George Nader

Supervisor: Dr. Tara Haas

Christina Amaral

Supervisor: Loriann Hynes

Emily Hoffman

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Riddell

Neushaw Moradi

Supervisor: Dr. David A. Hood

Yitian Tang

Dr. Ali Abdul- Sater

photo of Mikhaela Slavin

Mikhaela Slavin

Supervisor: Dr. David A. Hood

photo of Sarah Mosely

Sarah Mosely

Supervisor: Dr. Arthur Cheng

photo of Simona Yakubov

Simona Yakubov

Supervisor: Dr.Peter Backx

photo of Sam Vasilounis

Sam Vasilounis

Supervisor: Dr. Janessa Drake

photo of Stephen Mora

Stephen Mora

Supervisor: Dr. Ola Adegoke

photo of Ardavan Jafari

Ardavan Jafari

Supervisor: Dr. Ali Abdul Sater

photo of Gagan Mann

Gagan Mann

Supervisor: Dr. Ola Adegoke

photo of Nemanja Dovijarski

Nemanja Dovijarski

Supervisor: Dr. David Hood

photo of Brendon Beatty

Brendon Beatty

Supervisor: Dr. Ola Adegoke

photo of Christoper Hazlett

Christopher Hazlett

Supervisor: Dr. Heather Edgell

photo of Matthew Triolo

Matthew Triolo

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Connor

photo of Avigail Erlich

Avigail Erlich

Supervisor: Dr. David A. Hood

photo of Matthew Crilly

Matthew Crilly

Supervisor: Dr. David A. Hood

photo of Dishay Jiandani

Dishay Jiandani

Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Kuk

photo of Trevor Teich

Trevor Teich

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Riddell

photo of Elnaz Moghimi

Elnaz Moghimi

Supervisor: Dr. Mazen Hamadeh

photo of Alex Green

Alex Green

Supervisor: Dr. David A. Hood

photo of Steve Pastore

Steve Pastore

Supervisor: Dr. David A. Hood