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Reasons to be a Member of the MHRC

Faculty members

  1. Possibility of greater interaction with faculty colleagues for research collaboration, through attendance at Seminars, Colloquia and MHRC meetings;
  2. Opportunity to invite outside speakers of interest to you and your graduate students for seminars and potential interactions;
  3. The greater the number of participants, the greater the strength and influence of the unit within the department or faculty regarding research hires, policies, advancement (i.e. fundraising) etc;
  4. More opportunities to be involved in Team grants related to HQP training, or team grants for infrastructure support, because of the influence of a group application on the feasibility of success in mind of the University administration;
  5. Possibility of building, and being part of, a strong, single-minded scientific community with a national and international reputation.

Graduate students

  1. Invitations and access to Speaker Seminars hosted by the MHRC, featuring guest speakers from across the globe (also with the ability to request specific speakers for these Seminars) ;
  2. The opportunity to present your current work and/or research proposals to your peers at Student Colloquia, as well as faculty members with years of experience in your field or related ones;
  3. Ability to receive high quality training from your own PI, but also learn new (and relevant) techniques on specialized research equipment from other laboratories with similar research interests in the MHRC to further your own research project(s);
  4. Exclusive opportunity to apply for the MHRC Graduate Student Fellowship during the second year of their Master’s program;
  5. Play an integral role in continuing to grow and elevate the only cohesive group of researchers and investigators in Canada studying muscle health.