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All Your Paper Needs.

Large cartons can be ordered on Sm@rtBuy but if you require smaller quantities, we have available individual packs of paper, coloured paper, recycled paper and last minute and rush requirements.

Cartons of Paper

Order Cartons of Paper through Sm@rtBuy. Access Sm@rt Buy and use the punch out catalog to place an order for a full carton of paper. Staples provides next-day delivery to all locations (for orders placed by 3:30 p.m.) All items must be full cartons. If you wish to have 'pink' and 'yellow' paper- letter size- a carton is 5000 sheets (10 packages).

Small Orders

To obtain smaller quantities, any item can be picked up from Printing Services in packages of 500 sheets. Delivery is also available. We also have available:

  • Individual packages of paper
  • Small amounts of colored paper
  • Last minute and rush requirements
  • A wide selection of papers, including recycled