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Circulation Policies

Who can use the PRC?

4th Year Undergraduates

  • Search our catalogue HERE.
  • In order for 4th year undergraduates to place holds in the catalogue, they should email to create an account.
  • Please keep in mind that there are are many resources available online that may meet your demands, and are accessible through the York libraries HERE.

Compendia Tests

  • In the catalogue there is a difference between "commercial tests" and "compendia tests". Compendia tests are ideal for undergraduates as there are no restrictions to view them. Please see our page on the types of resources we have HERE for more information on the difference between compendia and commercial tests.
  • You may access compendia tests without prior faculty authorization. However, you will want to get your course director’s OK for use of the test(s) in your research.
  • Undergraduates are not allowed to loan compendia tests out, they must be viewed within the PRC itself (pictures of the tests may be permissible).

Commercial Tests

  • If you wish to examine or use a commercial test from the PRC, you must be working with a departmental faculty member who is responsible for supervising your use of the test, its’ administration, scoring, and interpretation.
  • It is the faculty member’s responsibility to make sure ethical and legal standards are maintained.
  • For commercial tests, the faculty member must email with the student's name and exactly what test(s) the student has permission to view. This email must come from the faculty member's Yorku email address.
  • Within commercial tests, undergraduate students will only have access to view A level materials, and B level materials.
  • When looking at the catalogue please disregard any material that is qualified as level C. You will not have access to these resources as per publisher policies, even with the supervision of faculty members.
  • Please keep in mind. Undergraduate students do not have permission to take any materials out of the PRC. They must view them within the PRC.

Graduate Students

  • If you’re learning to administer and interpret psychological tests in one of York Psychology’s various graduate assessment/psycho-diagnostic courses or in the YUPC, you will likely need to use tests from the PRC.
  • You can access psychological testing materials at a level corresponding to your educational experience and needs. Please see our page on the types of resources we have HERE for more information regarding the resources made available to you.
  • If you are a part of the YUPC, please go to our separate page HERE.
  • Tests may not be borrowed for use in practicum/internship settings, or for private practice or consulting purposes unless approved by the Faculty Coordinator. 
  • Please see the policies regarding loaning and renewals below. 

Departmental Faculty

  • York faculty are permitted to view and borrow all material within compendia and resource books.
  • Psychology Faculty may use level A and B tests, however level C is restricted to Registered Clinical Psychologists. Please see this PAGE for more information.
  • Please see the policies regarding loaning and renewals below.

None of the Above

  • Sorry, only York Psychology faculty and students are allowed access to testing materials held by the PRC.

Loaning Materials Out

  • Current graduate students, departmental faculty members and YUPC members are eligible to borrow materials.
  • LOAN PERIOD ALL MATERIALS – 1 calendar day . Due by close the following day. Longer loans may be requested if given prior notice.
  • Users’ are financially responsible for loss / damage that occurs while material is checked out by and/ or used by them.
  • Always complete the “Test Kit Checklist” before leaving the PRC. Please inform PRC staff of any missing or damaged items.
  • Borrowers may not write in books, turn down page corners, or use “post-it”-type notes/flags.


  • To renew items:
    • Renewals can be requested via e-mail at
  • You may be unable to renew items if:
    • Another borrower has reserved the item.
    • It is required for a course.