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The Indigenous Environmental Justice Project's Aki-naagadendamowin engages youth from high school to University. Aki-naagadendamowin aims to engage youth to keep in touch with their Indigenous roots, teachings, learn to care for Mother Earth/Turtle Island and our elders. This was documented byway of photography, short video, essay, or other creative forms.

Aki-naagadendamowin, translates to “caregivers of the land”, it is an initiative that allows participants to work independently at their own pace. Through the IEJ Project, youth are engaged by story telling, events, and various outreach initiatives hosted by Indigenous Environmental Project and partners.  The participants were provided the necessary training i.e. interview skills, research methods, proper use of equipment; equipment; and a space on the webpage to present their work.

Aki-naagadendamowin Translation

“Aki-naagadendamowin”, translated to Anishinaabemowin by Leona Nahwegahbow is “Anishinaabek Naagdowendjigewak Maanpii Shagmigaang”, which specifically means “Anishinaabek are the caregivers of Mother Earth”.