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I'm not a York Professor but want to access POLARIS

Welcome to POLARIS.  We are glad you are here.  We’ve provided access to our POLARIS content so that our content is available to everybody who wants to do better in the adjudication of researchers for hiring or awards. We encourage you to read our “About Us” section to learn about the POLARIS mission.

Every Module has 4 components

  • “Drawing in The Margins”- An audio story of one person’s experience with inequity in adjudication.
  • “Where Do I Start?”- A guidance video with one professor and/or EDI expert designed to provide advice for each step in the adjudication process from before it begins until after it is finished.
  • “Conflicts and Challenges”.  A video of a group of experienced researcher adjudicators discussing the gray areas of ‘best practice’.
  • “Summary Sheet”.  A sheet for you to download to help remember and augment key points of the module. Also, to provide further readings for those interested.
  • There will be a knowledge question to answer after every component to help consolidate knowledge.

Once you've gone through the modules why don't you tell us what you think, we'd love to hear from you.