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Diversity Composition Report Generator

York University is committed to creating practices that promote the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in order to continue creating innovative ways to support the participation of individuals who identify with any of the federally designated equity-seeking groups (Women, Racialized, Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Persons with Disabilities] plus 2SLGBTQIA+. This request form is for York University professors who, to support EDI best practices in their researcher or research adjudication roles, require knowledge of the diversity composition of a research team or committee.

This process allows for the confidential collection and reporting of self-identification data to a research team leader or a university leader (e.g. committee chairs, department chairs, associate deans). Self-identification data is collected from research team members or committee members within or outside the York University Community and put into a Diversity Composition Report [DCR]). The DCR provides anonymized self-identification information on the diversity composition of a research team or committee. Plan ahead- the larger the team and the more people outside York University Staff and Faculty groups to collect data from, the longer it will take.

What are examples of DCR requests? For example, for a New Frontiers in Research Fund grant, an EDI action plan must be written by every Principal Investigator. Another example, would be a department-based awards adjudication committee who would like to confirm the diversity of their committee or the diversity of their applicant pool. Another example would be if a unit’s Affirmative Action Plan may need to be updated, and a chair would like to know the diversity of their department to update their AA plan. See a sample DCR here [make a hyper link].

Remember that EDI best practice does not end with the generation of a report denoting a team’s diversity (of lack there of), it is a beginning. A team or committee should use their Diversity Composition Report to build targeted and engaged strategies that promote the recruitment and inclusion of traditionally marginalized groups. For ideas to start thinking about inclusive practices, go to https://www.chairs-chaires.gc.ca/program-programme/equity-equite/best_practices-pratiques_examplaires-eng.aspx.

For any general or technical questions please email:

Andrew Castillo, POLARIS Operations Manager, at LearnEDI@yorku.ca

For all other questions, please email:

Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell, POLARIS committee chair, at rpr@yorku.ca.

How to Request a Diversity Composition Report (DCR)

Step 1

Professor submits request for DCR using the link below. Please submit this request at least 4 weeks before you need the report.

Step 2

Professor receives an email from VP EPC staff member with decision to proceed with a DCR.

Step 3

If approved, Professor will be sent a link to complete Team Member Information form. Professors are encouraged to connect with their team to let them know they are being requested to provide self-identification information using a confidential service offered by York.

Step 4

Email notifications/requests will be sent to every team member to fill out a self-identification form (i.e. York students, Non-York staff, Non-York faculty or Non-York students) for the purposes of generating a DCR.

Step 5

Report is compiled immediately of the final team member filling out the self-identification form.

Step 6

The reports will be stored on the flowable server, and the professors can access them anytime. After the process is completed, team members will have access to one PDF report for future reference.