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I'm on an Awards Adjudication Committee

Step 1

Go through the 6 modules of POLARIS in our learning hub.

Each Module has 4 components

  • “Drawing in The Margins”- An audio story of one person’s experience with inequity in adjudication. (These stories have been changed to protect the identities of all people involved. When these stories are read by volunteers (i.e. they were not involved in the story they read), the identifying characteristics of the individual, the department/Faculty/discipline, the nature of the reason for marginalization, and the details of the exact challenge faced have all been changed.)
  • “Where Do I Start?”- A guidance video with one professor and/or EDI expert designed to provide advice for each step in the adjudication process from before it begins until after it is finished.
  • “Conflicts and Challenges”.  A video of a group of experienced researcher adjudicators discussing the gray areas of ‘best practice’.
  • “Summary Sheet”.  A sheet for you to download to help remember and augment key points of the module. Also, to provide further readings for those interested.
  • There will be a knowledge question to answer after every component to help consolidate knowledge.

Step 2

Submit an Evaluation for POLARIS through the learning hub. You will receive a certificate to signify completion. This completion date will also be saved in PeopleSoft as your record of completion.

Did you know you can get diversity information
for a research team or adjudication committee?

An exciting additional POLARIS support on your EDI journey for York Faculty members is the Diversity Composition Report Generator. This is a tailor-made York online portal that allows faculty members to gather information about the diversity of their team in a way that respects the privacy and confidentiality of their research team, hiring committee, or adjudication committee. A program has been created (special thanks to programmer May Kosiba) that will allow the confidential collection of self-identification data to be gathered from people both inside and outside York University. This will enable our faculty leaders to meaningfully engage with inclusive practices for their team or committee by understanding the diversity of their team or committee. Professors are reminded that asking people to self-identify to you for the purposes of research grants or award requirements is not appropriate and a violation of an individual's privacy.

Are you a Non-York professor looking for access to our Modules?