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Kim Lynette Abella

Kim Lynette Abella

Graduate Associate

Sociology Alumna

York University

Research Keywords:

Filipino Canadian;, ethnic identity; transnationalism; heritage language retention; internalized racial oppression; internalized racism; diaspora

Research Region(s):

Research Diaspora(s):

Filipino Diaspora

Kim Lynette Abella is an alumna of York University, completing a Master of Arts degree in Sociology. Guided by principal supervisor Dr. Ann Kim and second reader Dr. Philip Kelly, her thesis entitled “Negotiation of 1.5 and Second Generation Filipino Canadian Identity: Language, Ethnic Identity, and Internalized Racial Oppression” explores transnational connections to Filipino identity primarily through language in the experiences of adult Filipino children of immigrants in Canada. As a Filipino Canadian herself, Kim shares a personal and passionate connection to the questions investigated in this research and hopes to inspire future graduate students. She is now furthering her thesis research alongside Dr. Ann Kim within YCAR.