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Membership Policy


Y_EMERGE Membership Policy


Responsibilities of Members.

Privileges of Members

Membership Review

Membership Categories

(1) Y-EMERGE Faculty Affiliates

(2) Senior Fellows

(3) Professional Fellows

(4) YEMERGE Post-doctoral Fellows

(5) YEMERGE Graduate Affiliates

(6) Y-EMERGE Undergraduate Affiliates

(7) YEMERGE Visiting Scholars


Y-EMERGE draws researchers from across York University's faculties.

The Y-EMERGE Institute offices house the Directors, Staff, Trainee Network, and Visiting Researchers, while other York faculty members maintain offices across the campus.


Membership in Y-EMERGE is determined by the Directors and the Executive Committee, which approve applications for membership. Decisions are guided by criteria determined by the Executive, including the promotion of equity and diversity of membership according to discipline and stage of career. Members will be known as Affiliates, and their names and information on their research interests and expertise will appear on the Y-EMERGE website.

Please fill out the Y-EMERGE Membership Application/Nomination Form if you wish to become a member of the Y-EMERGE. 

Responsibilities of Members

Building a collaborative and multidisciplinary community of scholars at York University is central to the Institute's mandate. As a result, members are expected to maintain a substantial relationship with the Institute. This may take numerous forms, including active involvement in Y-EMERGE projects or programs, participation in Y-EMERGE governance, organizing of and attendance and presentations at Y-EMERGE events such as Lecture series, submission of research funding applications through Y-EMERGE, and participation in Y-EMERGE administered research projects. In addition to having an active research agenda, they should also be willing to allow the Institute, through its website, to publicize their research achievements and successful grant applications. As part of nurturing future talent, trainees, Undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral members are encouraged to join as members of ORU when appropriate. All affiliations must comply with York University's policies and procedures, particularly around grant applications.

Privileges of Members

Alongside the intangible advantages of involvement in a community of Y-EMERGE researchers, membership can provide members with various privileges, including administrative support (with the Director's approval), use of the Y-EMERGE website to disseminate information, the opportunity to apply for funding in association with the Institute (including benefits related to the overhead of grants), and the right to associate themselves publicly with the Institute.

Membership Review

The Executive Committee monitors the Y-EMERGE membership annually to ensure that relevant constituencies are represented and members are fulfilling their responsibilities. If not, the Director takes appropriate action, which may range from friendly reminders to revocation of privileges and termination of membership. The Executive also identifies gaps in the current membership that could be filled by recruiting new members.

Membership Categories

(1) Y-EMERGE Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates are part-time, full-time, or emeritus faculty members at York University. They are engaged in research in the field and are expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Institute. For York faculty members (tenured, emeritus, tenure-track, or contractual), membership is by invitation or application for a five-year term. There is no limit to the number of core faculty members or the number of times their membership may be renewed. Five years after last indicating a desire to be affiliated with the Institute, members in all categories will be asked if they wish to remain affiliated with the Institute. If there is no reply, their information will be taken off the Institute's website. Appointments of faculty external to York are made for up to three years, renewable.

(2) Y-EMERGE Post-doctoral Fellows

Post‐doctoral fellows are researchers who work on projects based at Y-EMERGE and are usually supervised by a Y-EMERGE Faculty Associate. They have either been awarded external post‐doctoral funding (e.g. SSHRC, Banting) or are directly employed by the University on a Y-EMERGE-based research project. Their membership is determined by the duration of their funding, upon completion of which, they can apply for Y-EMERGE Associate status, which will need to be approved by the Y-EMERGE Executive Committee.

(3) Y-EMERGE Graduate Affiliates 

Graduate Affiliates (master’s and doctoral) form two groups:

(i) Graduate students at York University whose program of learning and research intersects with disaster and emergency research and who wish to participate in the activities of Y-EMERGE. Following application, membership status is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Upon receiving membership, this status is valid while the student is formally enrolled at York University. As members, they have the ability to propose initiatives and to benefit from administrative assistance in organizing events, subject to the approval of the Director.

(ii) Graduate / Research assistants employed either directly by Y-EMERGE or working on the Y-EMERGE projects are given automatic membership for the period of their employment.

(4) Y-EMERGE Undergraduate Affiliates 

Undergraduate Affiliates are York University students who are:

(i) employed in Y-EMERGE projects.

 (ii) volunteering in Y-EMERGE activities.

 (iii) involved in York University's international programs.

In each case, membership status is automatic and temporary and limited to a time period, subject to verification by the Executive Committee.

(5) Y-EMERGE Visiting Scholars

(i) The Y-EMERGE Institute is able to accommodate a limited number of visiting scholars each year, each with varying lengths of appointments. There are three types of visiting scholars:

 a. Emeritus Visiting Scholar (emeritus faculty members).

 b. Senior Visiting Scholar (full-time or part-time faculty members as well as active senior researchers not affiliated with a university).

 c. Junior Visiting Scholar (post-doctoral fellows and graduate students from other institutions who are visiting York University through an international exchange as well as active junior researchers not affiliated with a university).

Normally, we can provide visitors with a shared workspace, Internet access, and library privileges. There is no monetary funding available for visiting scholar appointments. These researchers are engaged in Y-EMERGE research and are expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Institute. If possible, they will give a presentation during their stay. Applications are posted on the Institute's website. Appointments are for a temporary and limited time period, subject to verification by the Executive Committee and space being available for their accommodation.

(ii) Visiting Scholar (Postdoctoral or Professor level). Applicants must have a Ph.D. in any discipline with a focus on disaster and emergency management. The position is available for up to one year. The Y-EMERGE Institute will offer office space, library privileges, and limited administrative support. Visiting scholars will be expected to present their research at a seminar or public lecture organized by the Y-EMERGE. 

Please see the Visiting Scholars webpage for further details on how to apply.

(6) Y-EMERGE Staff Members 

Staff Members are non-student staff employed, including contractually, by Y-EMERGE to perform functions other than to conduct research. Appointments are made by the University in conjunction with the Director. The membership status is automatic, subject to verification by the Director.