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Mpox and Zoonotic Threats Project

Project Title

Modelling, predicting and risk assessment of Mpox and emerging zoonotic threats to inform decision-making and public health actions: mathematical, geospatial and machine learning approaches.

Funding Agencies:

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  • Dr. Chigozie Ugwu
  • Dr. Qi Deng


  1. Artificial Intelligence for infectious disease prediction, geospatial analysis and risk map assessment.
  2. One-health mathematical modelling approach to mpox, (re)emerging zoonotic threats and their impact on STIs: developing and analyzing mathematical models for Mpox and zoonotic threats by considering pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions, incorporating data from epidemiological studies and other relevant sources. The impact of HIV and other STI on Mpox carriers.
  3. Modelling and investigating of socio-economic factors, sex/gender, environmental and climate change, and behavioural changes; effects of the mpox virus on othersexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.