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Congratulations to the Department of Chemistry Award winners

Congratulations to the Department of Chemistry Award winners

On January 30th the faculty of science held a ‘Honours and Awards Ceremony’ which celebrated the outstanding achievements of our students in the faculty of Science. The following Chemistry graduate and undergraduate students were honoured;

Graduate Student Awards

Charles Hantho Graduate Award in Atmospheric Chemistry: Lisa Azzarello (Young)

Dalton Pharma Services / Dr. Douglas Butler Award: You Xuan Guo and Matthew Puzhitsky (Orellana)

Dean’s Scholarship for Women in Science: Emily Anacleto (Hili)

Enbridge Graduate Student Award: Andrea Angelucci (Young), Lisa Azzarello (Young), Alessia Colussi (VandenBoer)

Kostas Tsotsos Graduate Award: Eric Vanhauwaert (Young)

H. Schiff Graduate Award – Atmospheric CHEM OSOTF II: Yeuhyun Kim (McLaren)

NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Graduate Scholarship – Master's (CGS-M): Brian Doan (Orellana), Shakiba Ghaffari (Krylov)

NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Postgraduate Scholarship – Doctoral (PGS-D): Lucas Torres (Caputo)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS): Andrea Angelucci (Young), Nayanthara Asok (Baumgartner), Dusty Cadwallader (Le), Alessia Colussi (VandenBoer), An Le (Krylov), Leyla Salehpoor (VandenBoer), RenXi Ye (VandenBoer)

Rocco Liegghio Memorial Entrance Award: Taylor Cosby (Caputo), Eric Vanhauwaert (Young), Bibisomaia Rezaee (Morin)

Vernon Oliver Stong Graduate Scholarship in Science: Arnold Apostol (Audette), Shakiba Ghaffari (Krylov), You Xuan Guo (Orellana)

York Graduate Scholarship: Emily Anacleto (Hili), Arnold Apostol (Audette), Shakiba Ghaffari (Krylov), You Xuan Guo (Orellana), Ayesha Maqsood (Wilson), Marwa Mohamed (Wilson), Gabriel Platenik (Lavoie), Bibisomaia Rezaee (Morin), Lucas Torres (Caputo), Eric Vanhauwaert (Young), Yuwei Wang (Chen)

Undergraduate Student Awards

Gerald Aspinall Award OSOTF I: Angela Chen, Brandon McShane

Gillian E. Wu Award in Biochemistry: Moxy Shah

Hiromi Niki Memorial Scholarship: Tolulope Olaiya

Michael Duhig Award in Chemistry: Ailis Lune

Iristel Undergraduate Scholarship: Craig White

York Science Scholars Award: Hossein Shahidinejad

National CSC Silver Medal (Biochemistry): Nicole Frias

National CSC Silver Medal (Chemistry): Alex Ahkundov

Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award (Chemistry): Ben Zondag

Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award (Biochemistry): Hetvi Shah

York University Continuing Student Scholarship: Ilham Abbasi, Zichaun Chen, Brandon McShane, Randolph Notice, Venita Sitahal, Craig White, Casey Yu

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA): Nicole Frias, Yuriko Fujisato Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award (DURA): Alex Akhundov, Mahya Rezaeifarimani