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Prospective Students

Welcome to Chemistry at York University 

We recognize that students often come to university not knowing what to expect, not knowing their options, or exactly what they want from their university experience. We hope to provide some guidance with our website and convince you that obtaining a degree in Chemistry is a great choice. 

Chemistry as a discipline opens the doors to many different careers. Notably, careers for chemists and biochemists, while certainly an emphasis, are not exclusively limited to the chemical and biochemical industries. University-trained chemists generally have highly desired skills that are appreciated by a large variety of professional fields. In fact, students often study chemistry or biochemistry in preparation for health professions, in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, and naturopathy. Some develop valuable combinations of skills by later going into law, business administration, or library science. Others get into occupational health and safety, compliance verification, regulatory affairs, technical writing or database management, as well as sales and marketing. Many teach their favorite subjects in elementary or secondary schools. Some pursue graduate studies and build careers in research and a few become college or university professors. The Careers link below provides a brief overview of some of the opportunities the various Chemistry subdisciplines provide. As you will see, Chemistry skills are valued almost everywhere! 

As part of the Chemistry Department's commitment to offering useful and high-quality degrees, our programs are continually evolving to match the needs of many future employers. We thus invite you to explore the many opportunities the Department of Chemistry at York University can offer for your career development.