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Chemistry, often dubbed as the “central science”, provides connections between various disciplines in physical, life and applied sciences, including biology, pharmacy, medicine, physics, environmental science, geology, material science, and engineering. The selection of programs and courses offered by the department reflect the breadth and depth of the field, while highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry.  Students who choose to pursue an academic path in chemistry will receive a training which integrates conceptual, descriptive, mathematical, and problem-solving elements in a classroom and laboratory setting, positioning them well for a wide range of career opportunities.  

Choosing a program of study might be one of the key decisions that you will make in your university career. The Department of Chemistry offers various specialist, major, and minor undergraduate degrees. The three specialist programs (Specialized Honours in Chemistry, Specialized Honours in Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical and Biological stream, Specialized Honours in Biochemistry) provide an ideal preparation for graduate studies. The programs offered by the department are structured around basic requirements and, in conjunction with a variety of options, will allow you to personalize your educational path.  

For a detailed description and course requirements of all the programs, please explore the selection on the right.