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Honours Major-Minor Degrees

Major-Minor BSc degrees can be earned with a Major in Chemistry or with a Minor in Chemistry.​

The Department of Chemistry offers a Major in Chemistry that can be combined with various Minors in another Science, in Arts, Fine Arts, or in Environmental Studies. If your Major is in Chemistry, the degree is classified as an Honours BSc regardless of the Minor. This degree is for students looking for less specialization in chemistry (more than or equal to 57 credits) than offered in the Specialized Honours Degree, and who wish to add some breadth to their education. It is a four-year honours program with chemistry requirements at all four levels. Options in the program are dictated by the choice of the Minor (see below for available choices).​

These degree programs are suitable for graduate studies in Chemistry or in an interdisciplinary area overlapping the Major and Minor subject areas.​
More on suitability for graduate studies]​

There are ten available Minor subject areas in Science and thirty subject areas outside of Science.​

Possible combinations:  Major CHEM with​​

A Science Minor in Applied Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Geography, Kinesiology and Health Science, Mathematics, Physics (Astronomy Stream), Physics (Physics Stream), Psychology, Statistics​

A Minor in Environmental Studies​

An Arts Minor such as in Anthropology, Classical Studies, Classics, East Asian Studies, Economics, English, French Studies, German, Greek, History, Humanities, Italian, Latin, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Russian, Sociology, Spanish, Women Studies​​

A Fine Arts Minor in Dance, Film and Video, Cultural Studies, Music, Theatre (Production), Theatre (Theatrical Studies), Visual Arts (Art History), Visual Arts (Studio)​

Students interested in combining an Arts minor with a Chemistry major should consult the Faculty of Science Office of Academic Services (355 Lumbers) for the complete and most current list of available choices.​

​With Minor in Chemistry

Students can combine a Minor in Chemistry with a Major in another Science, in Arts, in Environmental Studies or in Fine Arts in the same subject areas as above. Students interested in combining an Arts major with a Chemistry minor should consult either the Faculty of Science Office of Academic Services (355 Lumbers) or the Faculty of Science section on Undergraduate Programs of the University Calendars for the complete and most current list of available choices.​

The completion of a Chemistry Minor would give you a very basic education in chemistry but would not be recommended for those wishing to pursue a professional career in Chemistry, nor for those intending to pursue graduate studies in Chemistry.​

Students must consult the Department of their intended Major for the other requirements.

Degree Requirements

  • For all Major-Minor combinations with Chemistry as the Major consult the requirements of the Honours Major in Chemistry degree  ​
  • The requirements of the minor subject, noting that some courses specified for one subject may also satisfy part of the requirements of the other subject​
  • The requirements for the Minor can be obtained from the Department offering the Minor, from the University Calendar or from the Faculty of Science Office of Academic Services (355 Lumbers).