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At the End of the Contest

The team has to end work on the solution paper at the end of the 5-day period.

•       The advisor will do the following to complete the contest:

  • Submit Solution: Each team is required to one file in the submission that includes both summary and full solution. During the 5-day window, the team can upload the solution as many times as they wish. Only the last version of the uploaded solution will be saved.
  • Name your file using your team’s control number, such as 2022001_solution.pdf
  • The 1st page of your solution should be your 1-page Summary Sheet followed by your full solution no more than 20 pages, i.e, your submission should be up to 21 pages. The file must be less than 17MB.
  • IM2C will accept only an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word file of your solution. DO NOT include programs or software with your email as they will not be used in the judging process. The names of the students, advisor, or institution should NOT appear on any page of the electronic solution.
  • Upload the electronic copy of the Solution Paper to “My Contest: Contest Problem and Submission” Section in via advisor’s contest login account, by the end of the 5-day period. Remember to confirm your submission by clicking “Submit Assignment” at the bottom of the page and then clicking “Continue”.
  • Failure in submitting via email by the end of the 5-day period will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Submit Forms: Collect all the signed Parental/Guardian Authorization Forms. One form for each student. Combine them into a single pdf file less than 17MB and upload it at “My Contest: Contest Problem and Submission”. Name it using your team’s control number, such as 2022001_forms.pdf