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Preparing your team

Important: Be sure to use a valid current email address so that we can use it to contact you at any point before, during, or after the contest, if necessary.

·       Form a team consist of up to four secondary school students whose skill sets cover discrete and continuous mathematics, computer programming, and technical writing.

·       Review the rules, the guideline and sample problems to the students

·       Ensure that students have access to computers that enable them to word process, use a spreadsheet, and dynamically model both graphs and geometric relationships. In addition, students should have access to graphic calculators.

·       It is both legitimate and desirable to coach or otherwise prepare your team(s). Visit the IM2C website for Sample Problems and IM2C website at for Past Problems, Winning Solutions and Judges Commentary to prepare your students.

·       All parents of students participating in the contest must sign a Parental/Guardian Authorization Form making their child’s work available (with confidentiality assurance) for use in example and training materials for IM2C professional development activities. Additionally, should their team be designated as an outstanding winner, the student’s Solution Paper (or solution abstract) will be published. THIS AUTHORIZATION FORM MUST BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE INTERNET AND SENT HOME WITH EACH STUDENT  SENT BEFORE THE END of  THE CONTEST PERIOD. SIGNED AUTHORIZATION FORMS FOR EACH STUDENT MUST BE INCLUDED WITH SOLUTION PAPERS FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE JUDGES.