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AIR Blog

Follow along with our astronomers as they share their love of astronomy at Killarney Provincial Park.

Read about their adventures in the Astronomer In Residence Blog below. For previous years adventures, see the Blog Archive at the bottom of this page.

The 2023 Blog has started, follow along with our AIR adventures!

Astronomer in Residence 2023:
Conor Hayes AIR Term: Aug 28-Sep 10 2023

Conor Hayes is a graduate student in Physics and Astronomy at York University in Toronto, where they study the transport and storage of volatile molecules like water on the Moon. In addition, they are a member of the Environmental Science team on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover mission, a role in which they are examining the macro- and micro-physical properties of clouds passing over the rover's home in Gale Crater as well as assisting in rover operations planning.

Connor's Blog

Astronomer in Residence 2023:
Raj Seehra AIR Term: Aug 21-27 2023

Raj is a continuing fourth year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Astrophysics at the University of Manitoba. After last year's AIR program, he has been excited to come back ever since. He’s an avid amateur astrophotographer and loves taking out his telescope to go stargazing. He also loves anything to do with the outdoors, including hiking and camping, playing sports, cooking, and also loves to read.

Raj's Blog

Astronomer in Residence 2023:
Julie Tomé AIR Term: Aug 14-20 2023

For over 20 years Julie Tomé has inspired wonder and curiosity about the night sky through her work at various observatories, science centres, and museums, as well as through numerous outreach activities and the York Universe radio program. As a Museum Educator, Julie shares her passion for all things science and history with folks of all ages through school programs, camps, exhibitions, and special programs.

Julie's Blog

Astronomer in Residence 2023:
Prof. Mary-Helen Armour AIR Term: July 24-Aug 6 2023

Prof. Mary-Helen Armour is faculty at York University. She teaches a number of science courses in the Natural Science Division. Her background is both Astronomy (Masters in Physics and Astronomy) and Earth Sciences (PhD in near surface geophysics and modelling). She has a interest in a range of astronomy topics - From historical astronomy and how the sky was a resource as a calendar and navigation, to planetary sciences, the possibility of finding life somewhere other than earth and asteroid impact structures. For a sample of one of her astronomy related geology talks, see her recorded 'impact structures' YouTube presentation here.

Mary-Helen's Blog

Astronomer in Residence 2023:
Quinton Weyrich AIR Term: July 10-July 23 2023

Quinton Weyrich is the outreach coordinator for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada at the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill, where he helps host monthly events and educational talks with researchers and educators within the astronomy community. He is a Masters' student at York University studying physics, and is involved in an atomic physics research project that seeks to measure an important physical property known as the electric dipole moment of the electron to a high degree of precision. From 2020-2021, Quinton served as the student coordinator for the Allan I Carswell Observatory at York University, with whom he continues to collaborate. In his spare time, Quinton enjoys stargazing, writing, skiing, and hiking in the great outdoors.

Quinton's Blog

Astronomer in Residence 2023:
Bruce Waters AIR Term: May 16-May 21 2023

Bruce has been teaching astronomy to the public since 1981 and in the provincial park system every year since 1985. He was at the McLaughlin Planetarium as star theatre operator, producer and educator and ran the last public star show with the hope that, one day, the stars would shine down upon Toronto again. He also authored "A camper's guide to the universe" in 2012" and is the author of the Ontario Parks monthly astronomy blog. Finally, he is the co-founder of Stars over Killarney - an annual astronomy program featuring topics that connect to the Park (2018).

Bruce's Blog

Blog Archive

Listed below are links to archived blogs from the Astronomer In Residence Program. For more information, please email Dr. Elaina A. Hyde, Director of the Allan I. Carswell Observatory and the Astronomer In Residence program contact.