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This page contains useful astronomical information for observers at the Allan I. Carswell Observatory.

Observatory Properties:

Longitude = -79° 30' 7.83" W = -79.5006061 W = 280.499394 E
Latitude =43° 46' 13.81" N
Altitude = 209m

Instrument FOVs:

1m STXL: 15.9x10.6 arcminutes, 0.62 arsec/pixel (2x2)
1m Spectrograph: TBA
60cm STXL: 9.669x6.45 arcminutes
60cm Quail:

Telescope Times



Visibility chart usage:

Copy the coordinate set below and paste into the object visibility calculator.

Coordinate set for Object Visibility [LON(E) LAT (N) Alt (m) UT offset (h)]:
280.499394 43.770503 209 -5
*note UT offset may need to change with daylight savings, check the clock above.

Visibility Calculator:

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