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We've assembled this list of helpful resources for exploring additional information, news, clubs and conferences available.

People viewing the telescope at the York U Observatory

Star Parties & Conferences

A star party is a chance for amateur astronomers to get together under an unpolluted, dark sky. Star parties usually last a few days, and give astronomers the chance to camp out under the stars, observe with an array of telescopes, and learn more about the heavens. Anyone is welcome to attend, so come out and make some new friends!

Light Pollution Awareness

Even with astronomers, both professional and amateur, fighting for darker skies, the message is yet to be fully heard and understood. In essence, light pollution is the scattering of light coming from sources which serve no function but to light up the sky; i.e., they are pointed upwards. It is commonly found that most light fixtures end up spewing more light upwards than down. This not only makes for terrible sky conditions (background glow) but also wastes a lot of energy. For these reasons, there exist many organizations around the world which are trying to "turn on the night".

Four telescopes pointing towards the sky