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Schedules - Apply for Time


If you would like to book time with the telescopes for photometric or spectroscopic observing, please check the schedule below and apply by completing the 3 steps on the right.

For urgent requests or concerns contact the observatory director Prof. Elaina A. Hyde. PhD at Please note this is NOT for tour observing. Public tours are run Wednesdays and the schedule can be found on our main page.


Observing schedules for York University students, researchers and interested parties to use the 1-metre and 60-centimetre telescopes are available below. This schedule is updated weekly by our observatory TA. All times from 1am - sunrise may be requested as robotic observations and require Voyager programming files (available upon request).

All observers are expected to use observers tools to appropriately plan observations.


Step 1) Read these set of instructions carefully to "Apply for Time" : Link To Instructions

Step 2) Required documents to be downloaded :

Step 3) Please complete the form and upload the necessary PDF document here : Link to form

Forms are assessed 1 month in advance during the 2nd week, i.e. to apply for November, please submit by first week October.

RASC Members

RASC MEMBERS - Use the application form to apply for observations. To read about the RASC initiative see the RASCTO news article here. BN Variable Star Applications have priority on the last Friday.

Last Friday of each month: Blake's Night (BN) is in honour of Blake Nancarrow: Our first astronomer in residence and a variable star fan at RASC, Blake passed away in 2023, but he will remain forever a star in our skies and his blog will remain featured in our archives here. RASC members and in particular variable star program followers will have priority on Blake's Night. This time may be requested as robotic or in-person.

Schedule 1

Schedule 2