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Cody Storry

Cody Storry

Picture of Cody Storry
Cody Storry
Associate Professor, Research Stream
Coordinator - First-Year Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy


Physics and Astronomy

Eligible to Supervise

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Program
Full Member




Office Location 253 Petrie Science & Engineering Building (PSE)
Phone Number (416)736-2100 ext. 77756

Research Specialization

High-precision laser spectroscopy of atoms; Experimental tests of Quantum Electrodynamics and the Standard Model; Antimatter, especially antihydrogen and positronium; Exotic states of matter; Laser cooling and atom trapping.

I conduct antimatter research with the aim of producing and trapping large numbers of antihydrogen atoms. Comparing the atomic structure of antihydrogen and hydrogen provides a direct comparison between matter and antimatter atoms and a strong test of fundamental symmetries in nature. I am also comparing measurements of positronium, an electron bound to an antielectron, to test the predictions of quantum electrodynamics theory.

Research Areas

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Research Types