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Ernie Hamm

Ernie Hamm

Picture of Ernie Hamm
Ernie Hamm
Associate Professor


Science, Technology and Society


Office Location 304 Bethune College
Phone Number (416) 736-2100 x 20223

Research Interests

My research interests are: the history of the earth and environmental sciences; Enlightenment and Romantic science; Goethe’s science; the relationship between the natural and the human sciences. Currently I am researching the ways in which mountains and mountainous regions became an important locus for scientific work and the ways in which the science of mountains is linked to their deep cultural and symbolic importance. In recent years I have also done work on Mennonites and science in the Dutch Enlightenment.

Teaching Interests

STS, history of science, history and philosophy of science and technology. One of my newest courses is STS 4655, From the Ark to the Anthropocene: Episodes in the History of the Earth and Environmental Sciences.


History of Science, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, STS

Research Areas

Science, Technology and Society

UN Goals

Quality Education