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Jagruti Pathak

Jagruti Pathak

Picture of Jagruti Pathak
Jagruti Pathak
Contractually Limited Appointment, Research Stream


Division of Natural Science

Research Interests

My PhD research was undertaken at York’s department of Earth and Space Science and focused on 3D global modeling of tropospheric oxidants - an area of research in Atmospheric Chemistry and air pollution. Developing a chemical transport model which included modules like transport, chemistry, emission, and deposition to simulate the production and transport of ozone and related species on a global scale the model was able to examine real world impacts of biomass burning and anthropogenic (man -made) emissions. My post-doctoral research was focused on simulating water ice clouds in the planetary boundary layer of Mars for NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander. York University played an important role for the mission, the team used a Canadian designed light detection and ranging instrument (LIDAR) to detect ice clouds.

I have had the privilege of teaching courses LE/ESSE 1410 Natural, Technological and Human induced disasters and NATS 1580 Sun, Space Weather and Life on Earth.

I aim to deliver engaging courses to introduce the exciting field of science to non-science majors.


Earth and Space Science

Research Areas

Planetary Physics

UN Goals

Climate Action, Quality Education