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Jocelyn Martel

Jocelyn Martel

Picture of Jocelyn Martel
Jocelyn Martel
Associate Professor

Eligible to Supervise

Biology Graduate Program

Research Focus

I am generally interested by all ecological and evolutionary aspects of plant-herbivore interactions, which represents a large part of biodiversity and ecological interactions on Earth. My research aims to determine how environmental stress (natural or anthropogenic) may influence plant-herbivore interactions and what are the consequences for ecological communities or ecosystems. I have been mostly focusing on insects, but I am also interested by other invertebrate or vertebrate herbivores.

Through my collaboration with Finnish researchers, I have been involved in a project dealing with riparian buffer zones made of woody plants and used to filter nutrient (N and P) runoff from agroecosystems. This project addresses the following questions: How do invertebrate and mammalian herbivores respond to woody plants in nutrient-rich, managed agroecosystems? How herbivore pressure and woody plant species assemblages affect nutrient retention in riparian buffer zones?

Currently, I am working on a project about insect galls infesting leaves of oaks growing in a riparian buffer zone located between a pasture land and a stream in southeastern Québec.


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Martel, J., Lempa, K. & Haukioja, E. 1999. Effects of stress and rapid growth on fluctuating asymmetry and insect damage in birch leaves. Oikos 86: 208-216.

Martel, J. & Mauffette, Y. 1997. Lepidopteran communities in temperate deciduous forests affected by forest decline. Oikos 78: 48-56.


Ecology, Insect-Plant Biology

Research Areas

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology