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Doug Crawford

Doug Crawford

Picture of Doug Crawford
Doug Crawford
Full Professor
Chair - Canada Research Chair

Eligible to Supervise

Biology Graduate Program



Office Location 0009A Lassonde
Phone Number 88621

Research Focus

My lab studies the neural mechanisms that transform vision into action. We are specifically interested in how the brain encodes movement goals relative to the self and other visual landmarks, how these goals are updated during self-motion, and how they are transformed into commands for coordinated eye, head, and hand motion during reach.

To study these questions, we use a variety of techniques, including computational modeling, psychophysical and behavioral measurements, neurophysiological recordings, neuroimaging, brain stimulation, and sometimes work with patient populations. We often collaborate with other York, Canadian, and international research labs. My students typically focus on one or two areas / techniques for their own experiments, conference presentations, and publications, and they often collaborate, exposing each other to a broad range of approaches to neuroscience.

Example Publications

A Schütz, V Bharmauria, X Yan, H Wang, F Bremmer, JD Crawford (2023) Integration of landmark and saccade target signals in macaque frontal cortex visual responses. Nature Communications Biology 6, 938

PA Khoozani, V Bharmauria, A Schütz, RP Wildes, JD Crawford (2022) Integration of allocentric and egocentric visual information in a convolutional/multilayer perceptron network model of goal-directed gaze shifts. Cerebral Cortex Communications 3 (3), tgac026

BR Baltaretu, S Monaco, J Velji-Ibrahim, GN Luabeya, JD Crawford (2020) Parietal Cortex Integrates Saccade and Object Orientation Signals to Update Grasp Plans. Journal of Neuroscience 40 (23), 4525-4535

G Blohm, H Alikhanian, W Gaetz, HC Goltz, JFX DeSouza, DO Cheyne, JD Crawford (2019) Neuromagnetic signatures of the spatiotemporal transformation for manual pointing. NeuroImage 197, 306-319

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Vision, Cognition, Movement Control

Research Areas

Physiology and Neuroscience

UN Goals

Good Health and Well-being