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Radu Guiaşu

Radu Guiaşu

Picture of Radu Guiaşu
Radu Guiaşu
Associate Professor

Eligible to Supervise

Biology Graduate Program

Research Focus

My main research focus at this time is on the ecology, conservation, distribution, and behaviour of Ontario crayfishes (freshwater and semi-terrestrial burrowing species).

Selected Publications

Guiaşu, R. C. and M. Labib. 2021. The unreliable concept of native range as applied to the distribution of the rusty crayfish (Faxonius rusticus) in North America. Hydrobiologia 848 (6): 1177-1205.

Pereyra, P. J. and R. C. Guiaşu. 2020. Debate over the importance and meaning of native range in invasion biology: reply to Courchamp et al. Conservation Biology 34 (4): 1044-1046.

Guiaşu, R. C. and C. W. Tindale. 2018. Logical fallacies and invasion biology. Biology & Philosophy 33:34 (volume 33, article no. 34): 1-24.

Guiaşu, R. C. 2016. Non-native species and their role in the environment: the need for a broader perspective. Brill. Leiden and Boston. 316 pages.

Guiaşu, R. C. and S. Guiaşu. 2012. The weighted Gini-Simpson index: revitalizing and old index of biodiversity. International Journal of Ecology 2012 (volume 2012), article ID 478728, 10 pages.

Guiaşu, R. C. 2007. Conservation and diversity of the crayfishes of the genus Fallicambarus Hobbs, 1969 (Decapoda, Cambaridae), with an emphasis on the status of Fallicambarus fodiens (Cottle, 1863) in Canada. Crustaceana 80 (2): 207-223.

Guiaşu, R. C. 2002. Cambarus. Chapter 16. Pp. 609-634. In: Holdich, D. M. (Ed.): Biology of Freshwater Crayfish. Blackwell Science, Ltd. Oxford, UK.

Guiaşu, R. C. and D. W. Dunham. 1999. Aggressive interactions between the crayfishes Cambarus bartonii bartonii and C. robustus (Decapoda, Cambaridae): interspecific and intraspecific contests. Journal of Crustacean Biology 19 (1): 131-146.

Guiaşu, R. C. and R. Winterbottom. 1998. Yellow juvenile colour pattern, diet switching, and the phylogeny of the surgeonfish genus Zebrasoma (Percomorpha, Acanthuridae). Bulletin of Marine Science 63 (2): 277-294.

Guiaşu, R. C. and D. W. Dunham. 1998. Inter-form agonistic contests in male crayfishes, Cambarus robustus (Decapoda, Cambaridae). Invertebrate Biology 117 (2): 144-154.

Guiaşu, R. C., D. W. Barr, and D. W. Dunham. 1996. Distribution and status of crayfishes of the genera Cambarus and Fallicambarus (Decapoda, Cambaridae) in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Crustacean Biology 16 (2): 373-383.


Ecology, Freshwater ecology, Conservation biology, Invasion biology, Ethology, Biogeography, Astacology (crayfish), Ichthyology, Systematics, Cladistics, Evolutionary biology

Research Areas

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology